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Ways and Benefits Of Going Green

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By Next Insurance Staff
Feb 17, 2020 min read

The current social climate beckons for social responsibility from consumers, and in return, they are more motivated to find the same eco-friendly business practices from you. 

As a small business, you may be concerned that finding ways to go green is costly, but there are many businesses that report savings directly produced by the benefits of going green. 

Google is a highly successful leader in the green movementtheir work culture is highly conscious of environmental sustainability. Some of their practices include the use of renewable energy to power their facilities, sustainable cooking seminars, and goats employed to trim their grass. Google saves money with these practices, keeps morale high through the empowerment of employees, and gains trust which turns into loyalty from their consumers.

Needless to say, if you want your business to stay relevant, you should get in the habit of the idea that business and environment are a recipe for success. 

How Your Business Will Help The Environment

If one person can make a difference, a small business will be able to make an even greater impact on the environment. 

Whether you are a small coffee shop or an influential marketing firm, you have the power to conserve energy, minimize environmental impact, and reduce toxic waste. 

For instance, a coffee shop can start small by suggesting their customers recycle coffee cup sleeves, while a marketing firm can reduce their carbon footprint with computerized information cabinets. 

Green initiatives for business are not solely impactful if you are a large corporation, but even small business green initiatives are just as important on a global scale. Below are some simple things to incorporate that lead to great impacts down the line. 

Your Business Can Benefit From These Green Changes

As a smart business owner, it is important to consider going green in the workplace in order to fulfill your small business social responsibilities and keep your employees motivated.  

Here are just a few ways you can positively impact the environment and workplace: 

Go Paperless

Technology is embedded in every part of our lives, in today’s modern society it is common to sign your name on a tablet screen rather than witpen and paper. 

You will save money on paper products, reduce search time with easy online storage & access, and decrease workload stress from visible clutter. Bank of America decreased their paper requirements by 32% and began an internal recycling program that successfully conserves 200,000 trees every year.

Replace Light Bulbs with CFL or LED Lights

Initially, you will pay more for these lights in comparison to standard incandescent bulbs, but they will save you about $200 per bulb over time. Here is an in-depth comparison chart of how these light bulbs can save you money and energy. 

Healthier Work Conditions

As a small business owner, your employees’ health is imperative to the success of your business because you can’t grow if they are constantly out sick. 

Trade old school cleaning products like Clorox for environmentally friendly company products without carcinogens and toxins or recruit aeco-friendly cleaning business. Provide green initiative incentives for your employees to help them stay healthy. It can be as simple as installing a bike rack or covering the cost of their public transportation. Less sick days will improve workflow and also increase work morale. A healthier staff will be more innovative, enthusiastic, and dependable. 

Amongst the listed few are many other green business ideas that can be tailored to your small business specific needs which can impact your finances and help our mother Earth! 

Businesses Going Green is a Trend That Attracts More Customers 

Not all trends are created equal, but from a small business marketing standpoint, it is imperative that you recognize those that will help you gain more customers.

McDonald’s has never been associated with green business practices, but they have made several changes in order to stay on top of this trend, including the switch from coffee foam cups to 100% recyclable containers. Although they may not embody the green trend, they see the value in partaking in this game-changing trend. 

Environmentally friendly companies tend to incite more loyalty as they share strong values with their customers. Concern for the environment is of high priority on the Millennial and Gen Z consumer minds. Together, they outnumber their predecessor population the Baby Boomers and are important influencers to the growth of your small business. In order to market yourself as an environmentally friendly business, you can use popular social media platforms that are sure to target the Millennial and Gen z populations. 

Thorough knowledge about the values of your target audience is key for lucrative marketing and attracting more customers.  

How Going Green Saves You Money

Small business green initiatives have a bad reputation for being costly while the reality is they often save you money on recurring expenses. 

Your small business may be in the market for investors and they are more likely to invest in a company that is actively working to keep their fixed costs down. Utility costs can be lowered if you change out your light fixtures, and any inexpensive changes down the line can turn into profit. If you plan to make large changes like switching over to renewable energy, there may be tax credits that the government will reimburse for green efforts. If you are in the preliminary stages of establishing your business you may consider contracting a construction company that uses eco-friendly construction methods.

Small business green initiatives, contrary to popular belief, can mean more money in your pocket! 

Go Green Today

Your small business incentives can start today with minor changes to the way you operate. 

You can start small by marketing your promise on social media platforms to make efforts to benefit the environment. You can also make a quick change by collaborating with other companies that align with environmentally friendly practices like Next Insurance- a dependable and paperless business insurance provider. Your customers will spread the word and be engaged in your day-to-day efforts. Make sure to see your promises through and you are sure to see results with increased sales and clients. 

Environmental impact is a selling point for customers and creates business value which can set you apart from your competition.

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By Next Insurance Staff
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