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Consultant Insurance

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Next Insurance is a one-stop-shop for consulting business insurance. Our straightforward online platform lets you outsource all the risk so you can get back to advising your clients. Oh, and you’ll save 10% when you bundle two or more of our policies.

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How much does business insurance for consultants cost?

You can save up to 30% when you buy consultant business insurance with Next. The exact amount you pay will depend on:

  • The types of consultant services you offer
  • If you work from home or at clients’ offices
  • If you have a part-time assistant or other employees
  • If you drive for businesses purposes
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Why do consultants need business insurance?

Business insurance for consultants offers you protection from a wide range of business risks. You’ll have financial help if a client claims you gave them bad advice which resulted in lost revenue.

Making sure you’re appropriately covered for your professional consulting business means that you don’t have to pay entirely out of pocket to defend your business if a client makes a claim against you.

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Liability insurance for consultants

Consulting liability insurance can help cover costs if someone accuses you of giving bad advice that results in financial loss or if you accidentally damage client property.

We combine two types of liability insurance in our business insurance packages:

Professional liability provides some financial protection from an unhappy client. If the strategy you presented doesn’t have the intended result and the client has to start a project over, they can make a claim for compensation. 

General liability is the insurance coverage many consultants buy to help cover some of the costs related to accidents or injuries that can happen in the course of doing business. 

General liability would provide some financial help if your site visit to an HR client results in you breaking an expensive photocopier and they expect you to replace it.

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Other important business insurance coverage for consultants

Liability insurance is essential for covering your bases but you may want to add other types of business insurance to protect yourself, your work vehicles and your employees.

We typically recommend: 

Workers’ Compensation for consultants

Workers’ compensation protects your part-time assistants or full-time employees by helping to pay some of the costs of medical bills if they get hurt or sick on the job. Workers’ comp can also help to cover their lost wages while they recover from accidentally dropping a heavy server on their foot. 

This coverage is required for businesses with employees in every state except Texas.

Learn more about workers’ comp. 


Commercial Auto insurance for consultants

Commercial auto insurance is mandatory if you drive a car or truck owned by your business. Your personal car insurance won’t cover your own car if you drive it from client to client to provide services. 

Learn more about commercial auto.

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Frequently asked questions about contractors insurance

What insurance should I get if my work involves multiple types of consulting?

When you request your consulting insurance quote, you’ll answer some questions about your business activities — such as what percentage of your time is spent on each service — and we’ll base your consultant insurance policy on that information.   We know that every business is a unique combination of services. That’s why we offer customized insurance packages that can be adjusted to fit your business needs. You’ll get the right coverage at an affordable price, and you can adjust it as your business changes.

What do I need to get an insurance quote online?

We keep it simple and straightforward so you can find the coverage that’s right for you within a few minutes. When you start a quote for contractor insurance, we’ll ask you a few basic questions about your business, including:   

  • The type of contractor work you do
  • The number of employees and payroll at your business
  • The type of vehicles you use for work
  • The locations where you plan to work

How do I get my certificates of insurance?

A few minutes after you buy any type of coverage, you can log into your account from a computer or mobile device to access your certificate of insurance.   We provide unlimited certificates and you can also add an additional insured for free. If you decide to change your coverage, your certificate will be automatically updated.

Can I add an additional insured to my consulting insurance?

Yes. We know there is a common need for consultants to add an additional insured to their coverage, so we’ve given you the power to create certificates of insurance and add additional insureds for free, 24/7.  Learn more about additional insureds.

How does the claims process work with Next Insurance?

You can file a claim in a few steps, either online or over the phone. Call us as soon as an incident occurs at (855) 222-5919 to report what happened. One of our claims specialists will ask for details, so please be ready to tell us:   

  • The name your policy is under so we can find the right one
  • Where the incident happened
  • What the injured person was doing at the time and the type of injury sustained
  • Details and contact information for everyone who was involved 
  A claim is created after you report this information and a claims advocate will be assigned to investigate your case to decide if it should be approved or denied. We strive to make claims decisions as quickly as possible so you can get back to focusing on your business.   Check out our claims page for more details.