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Show your next customer that you carry general contractors insurance with our digital certificate of insurance. You can access it 24/7 from a mobile device or computer and add clients as an additional insured for no extra fees.

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We offer a painless and seamless way to quickly explore customized general contractor insurance options, so you can get back to focusing on your business.

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Our payment plans allow you to pay for your insurance package on a monthly or annual basis. Choose the option that is best for your budget. You can cancel instantly, online, anytime.

General Contractor Insurance Coverage Plans

Starting at $62.50 per month


General Liability

$300,000 limit
$300,000 aggregate
$0 deductible

Professional Liability

Not included


Most popular

General Liability

$1,000,000 limit
$1,000,000 aggregate
$0 deductible

Professional Liability

$10,000 limit
$20,000 aggregate
$500 deductible

Pro Plus

General Liability

$1,000,000 limit
$2,000,000 aggregate
$0 deductible

Professional Liability

$25,000 limit
$50,000 aggregate
$500 deductible

All plans include General Liability coverage

  • Bodily Injury

    A client trips over your toolbox while you’re on a job, even though you warned them to approach carefully while you're working. They sue you for negligence.

  • Property Damage

    You drop your hammer and cause a big dent in the hardwood floor. It will be an expensive repair but your customer is demanding you fix it.

  • Libel, Slander and Defamation

    You make negative comments about another general contractor's work and someone overhears. It gets back to your competitor and they sue you for defamation.

This is a brief summary of your policy and does not supersede the policy documents. If you want full details, please call us.

Got questions? We've got answers.

Do I have to pay the entire annual premium now?

No, to make it easier on your budget we allow you to make monthly payments. Of course, there's no extra fee for paying monthly.

How do I get a Certificate of Insurance?

We provide you unlimited certificates of insurance, free of charge. Once you've purchased a policy, log in to our website to get proof of insurance or add an Additional Insured. In most cases, you'll get your certificate within minutes. Otherwise, we'll email it within one business day.

I’m a general contractor, does this insurance allow me to hire subcontractors?

Yes! We do require that your subcontractors have the legally required licenses, their own insurance with limits that are equal to or greater than your own, and that they have you named as an additional insured on their policy. You’ll also need to keep this documentation on file for an adjuster to review in case of a claim.

I don't see the type of work that I do offered as a policy. How can I get a quote?

If you don't see your specific type of work among the contractors we cover, we recommend filling out the general contractor quote application to see if the type of work you do is included in the application there. If not, we unfortunately won't be able to insure your business at this time. We are, however, working on adding many more types of business as quickly as possible. So feel free to check back soon!

I need to add a General Contractor or employer as an additional insured, can I do that with this policy?

Absolutely! We know this is a common need for contractors, so we’ve given you the power to create certificates of insurance and add additional insureds right from your customer account, 24/7, with Live Certificates. You can read more about our Live Certificates and how they work here. If your contractor needs special language on the certificate or other forms (called endorsements), please send a sample certificate to and an agent will be happy to review those requirements with you.

What is Contractors’ Errors and Omissions coverage?

Contractor’s Errors & Omissions coverage is intended to protect against faulty work or accidental damage to your product. This coverage is important if you work on a property that belongs to a third party but is in your care during the job, or if you construct products for your clients and want coverage in case mistakes are later discovered.

I subcontract out all of my work. Am I still eligible for a quote and policy?

Of course! In this case, we recommend filling out an application for our General Contractor policy. Please review the subcontractor requirements carefully, so that in case of a claim, you’ll have all of the necessary paperwork.

Is this policy good if I contract for multiple companies?

Yes! As long as all of the work you do as a contractor fits within the bounds of the policy you purchase, you're covered to work for up to 10 clients and/or job sites.

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So far the best…. Only been with Next insurance a couple of weeks now… A lot more affordable then most insurance company so glad I chose Next insurance…. Thank you so much for helping me in keeping my business going


Was able to get affordable insurance (more then I needed), with proof of coverage (as fast as i needed), with great customer service and follow up on inspection. Good Job Next Insurance!

Stephen Q.

GREAT customer service!! needed general liability insurance to accommodate a new client and bring my business to the next level. NEXT took care of everything for me. They even emailed my client a copy.

Ron H.

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