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Real Estate Agent Insurance

Save up to 30% on business insurance
Real estate business insurance

Real estate agent insurance designed to protect your business

NEXT Insurance is a one-stop shop to help you get the real estate agent insurance you need to protect your business from accidents, injuries, legal fees and damaged vehicles. Our insurance packages typically include: 

  • General liability
  • Real estate E&O
  • Commercial auto
  • Workers’ compensation 
  • Commercial property
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Save up to 30% on real estate agent insurance

You can pay for your insurance monthly or annually and you can cancel instantly at any time.

We’ll help you get the business insurance coverage you need

It’s all about managing your risk. See the different policies available for real estate agents and brokers and save up to 10% when you bundle.
General Liability

General Liability

Bought by 95% of business owners like you
General liability insurance covers a wide range of real estate agent accidents and basic risks. You’ll have financial protection if someone other than an employee gets hurt or you are held responsible for damaging property that doesn’t belong to you.
General Liability can help you pay for:
Medical payments
Property damage
Legal fees and judgments
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Real Estate E&o

Real Estate E&o

Bought by 80% of business owners like you
Errors and omissions insurance (also known as professional liability or E&O insurance for real estate agents) helps you defend yourself if you’re accused of making a mistake that causes someone to lose money. For example, if you are accused of misrepresenting how much acreage a property includes, it could help cover related expenses to defend yourself. Real estate brokers will often require agents to carry E&O coverage.
Real Estate E&o can help you pay for:
Professional negligence (actual or alleged)
Legal defense costs
Legal judgments
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Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto

For business owners who own or drive vehicles
Most states require commercial auto insurance for business-owned vehicles to help pay for medical expenses and property damage. Personal auto insurance usually won’t provide coverage if you drive for business reasons, including going to different properties during your work day.
Commercial Auto can help you pay for:
Medical expenses
Collision repairs
Rental reimbursement
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Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation

Coverage for workplace injuries
Workers’ compensation insurance can help pay for medical care and lost wages after a workplace injury. It’s almost always required if you have employees. Choose business owner’s coverage with your policy to protect yourself.
Workers' Compensation can help you pay for:
Medical expenses
Lost wages
Employer liability
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Commercial Property

Commercial Property

For business owners who own or rent physical spaces
Commercial property insurance can help protect your inventory, equipment and even the building that you lease or own. If your business property is damaged due to a covered event, such as a burst water pipe or fire, property insurance can help with repair or replacement costs.
Commercial Property can help you pay for:
Damaged equipment and inventory
Lost income
Operating expenses
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How much does insurance cost

How much does real estate agent insurance cost?

Real estate agent insurance quotes vary based on the risks that your business faces, such as:

  • The types of residential and commercial properties you buy and sell
  • Where your properties are located
  • Your payroll and the kinds of jobs your employees do
  • The number and types of vehicles you use for work
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Real estate agent insurance requirements

Real estate agents are almost always required to have insurance due to the risk of injury to clients and damage to property. You might need insurance to:

  • Start showing and selling homes. Real estate companies and other brokers might expect you to have active insurance — usually general liability or workers’ compensation.
  • Hire employees. Most states require workers’ compensation.
  • Drive for business purposes. Business-owned vehicles typically need commercial auto insurance.
  • Repair or replace property you own or rent. Protect your inventory, equipment and even the building that you lease or own.
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Everything you want to know about Insurance

Frequently asked questions about business insurance

Here are some of the most common questions we get about liability insurance for real estate agents. If you don’t find the answers you need here, our licensed, U.S.-based insurance advisors are standing by to help via online chat or phone.

How does business insurance protect real estate agents?

Our real estate agent insurance packages are designed to protect your business from a variety of risks and help you save money to grow your business. You’ll be protected from financial losses related to:

Damage to someone’s property

While showing a home, a faucet is left on and causes water damage. The general liability coverage in your insurance package would help pay for a repairs.

Accidents that hurt someone

A client arrives at your office and slips and falls on the wet tile floor. Your general liability coverage would also come into play here by helping to pay for medical costs and legal fees.

Professional mistakes 

A client claims that you didn't show them homes in certain areas based on their appearance. Real estate E&O coverage could pay for some of the expenses to defend yourself, even if the accusation is untrue. 

Workplace injuries 

You bash your head in an unfinished basement during a viewing and sustain a concussion and head wound that requires stitches. Workers’ compensation coverage with business owner’s coverage can help cover medical bills and lost wages. Workers’ comp is usually required by law if you have employees.

Injuries and damage involving your business vehicles

Your car is damaged by a falling tree branch at a property you are showing. Commercial auto coverage will help pay for the repairs. This coverage is also usually required by law for business-owned vehicles.

Damage to your own property

A water pipe bursts in your brokerage office and floods the unit. Commercial property insurance can help with replacement or repair costs if your owned or leased property is damaged due to a covered event.  

What do I need to get an insurance quote online?

We keep it simple and straightforward so you can find the coverage that’s right for you within a few minutes. When you start a quote for insurance, we’ll ask you a few basic questions about your business, including: the kind of services you provide, the location of your office or where you plan to work, how many people you employ and how much you pay them and the number and type of vehicles you use for work.

How can I get a certificate of insurance?

You’ll have instant access to your certificate of insurance 24/7 from your computer or mobile device when you purchase coverage with Next. There’s no waiting for anyone, no need to print anything and definitely no fax machines. If you’re a new or current Next Insurance customer, all you need to do is log in to your account and your Live Certificate delivers you the proof of insurance you need instantly, for free. You can easily share your COI with anyone via email, text message or a social media post. We provide unlimited certificates and you can also add an additional insured for free. If you decide to change your coverage, your certificate will be automatically updated. Find out more details about your certificate of insurance

How does the claims process work with NEXT Insurance?

If you’re a policyholder, you can file a claim any time by logging in to your account at and clicking the “File a claim” under the "About us" tab. You can expect a call from us shortly after you submit a claim to go over the details. If you do not have a policy with us and are filing against one of our policyholders, you can head over to our website at, select “Help Center” under our “Support” tab, and under “Quick Actions for Customers” click where it says ”Not a policyholder and want to file a claim?” If you cannot access your online account or would prefer to speak with an agent, call us at 855-222-5919 between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT, Monday to Friday.

What does Errors & Omissions insurance cover for realtors? 

NEXT’s real estate E&O policy covers residential and commercial transactions and includes a variety of covered professional services, such as real estate sales, property management and appraisals.   There are several ways E&O insurance can help real estate agents, including helping to cover expenses related to court costs, lawyer fees and any judgments or settlements against you.  Making a mistake that affects a sale For example, if a problem with a house is discovered after negotiations have begun, you could be accused of not disclosing that information.   If your client decides to sue you, your real estate E&O coverage could help pay for related expenses. Not fulfilling promises For example, if a buyer believes that you didn’t negotiate a low enough price on a house and they decide to sue.    Or if a buyer misinterprets your advice about having to cover closing costs and they end up with unexpected fees.  Accusations of indifference or neglect For example, you may be called negligent if you fail to provide a client with all the necessary paperwork they need to make an informed decision.    Or if there is a zoning issue on a piece of property you didn’t know about, your client could claim you should have done your due diligence to find out that information before it was too late.   E&O coverage can also help pay for legal costs related to defending yourself in a disciplinary hearing if a complaint is filed against you.

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