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As an Engineer, your work makes projects safe and functional. Whether you’re a construction engineer, a civil engineer, or an HVAC specialist, you’re a highly skilled professional. Your clients depend on your expertise to protect their project.

You deserve someone you can depend on too, and that’s where engineering insurance comes in.  Just as you need to provide unique, specialized information and plans for every project you work on, your engineer insurance policy needs to be tailored to your business needs.  General liability engineer insurance should cover exactly what you need, without paying for services that won’t help you.

Engineering work is critical, and it’s important that your clients trust you. With our customized engineering insurance policy, you can demonstrate that you’re a reliable professional who knows how to plan ahead.

Why Do I Need Engineering Insurance?

In a private home or a public infrastructure project, your client is investing a lot in projects you work on, and your work needs to be precise.  That’s why your engineering insurance needs to be reliable and easily accessible, so you can focus on the projects you’ve been entrusted to do.

With the support of engineers’ liability insurance, you’ll have the freedom to try new things, and grow your business.  With a tailored and customized general liability engineer insurance policy, you’ll be able to focus on providing your highest quality work.  While most of your clients will require you to show a certificate of insurance, even the ones that don’t demand it will be encouraged to see that you know how to take every possibility into account.

Having engineer insurance will show them that you pay attention to details, plan ahead, and are a professional that can be trusted.

Why Is Next Insurance Right for My Engineering Business?

Your engineer insurance should be designed just for you and easy to work with from day one. That’s why we customize every policy we offer. Our engineer insurance covers exactly what you want without asking you to pay for any coverage you don’t need. That, along with low deductibles and no additional fees, keeps your policy budget-friendly. You can even get your quote, buy your policy, and file claims online.

We offer engineer insurance policies that are simple, affordable and tailored to you, including additional insureds, and unlimited certificates of insurance, which are available 24/7 from your online account. That way, you can feel confident that we’ll be there exactly when you need us and can focus on growing your business and taking on new challenges.

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Super happy I am with next-insurance

"Awesome A+ service. The staff are so kind, always willing to help the best way possible and gets it done. I am super happy I am with next-insurance! Every photographer should!"



The go-to insurance company for every engineer

"Next insurance is the go-to insurance company for every photographer. Someone knocked off my camera and I had to foot the bill because the liability insurance I had did not cover equipment losses. Within the first two months of Next insurance, I had an accident with a lens that crashed to the ground atop of a tripod that fell over when I went to close a door. I thought Next insurance would never pay the claim. They did, and I am forever indebted to them."

Barry C.


Needed to provide documents and now I have them

"I've been looking for insurance for a while now but couldn't afford it. I had an opportunity to work for a couple of large companies but I needed to provide documents and now I have them"

Lee W.

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