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Food Services, Restaurant and Bar Insurance

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Food Services, Restaurant and Bar Insurance

Customized restaurant insurance for your food service business

Whether you’re shipping baked goods from your kitchen or ironing your tablecloths before opening, Next has the affordable food business insurance tailored to match your business risks and needs. 

Oh, and you can save 10% when you bundle two or more of our policies.

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Customized food service business insurance to protect your customers, kitchen and employees.
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How much does insurance cost

How much does restaurant insurance cost?

You can save up to 30% when you buy restaurant insurance with Next. The exact amount you pay will depend on: 

  • The type of food service business you operate
  • Where your business is located
  • Your payroll and the kinds of jobs your employees do
  • The number and types of vehicles you use at work
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Why do restaurant owners need business insurance?

Restaurant business insurance offers you protection from a wide range of unexpected events and accidents, including: 

  • A customer slipping and falling on a wet floor 
  • An employee who is injured on the job
  • Damage equipment
  • Spoiled inventory 

We know there are hundreds of things to keep track of when you run a food service business, so we’ve designed policies to take some of those worries off your plate.  

Having the right types of insurance for your restaurant means that you don’t have to pay out of pocket if an accident does occur. You can run your business and keep your customers happy without worrying about those pesky “what if” scenarios.

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How restaurant liability insurance protects your business

Restaurant liability insurance offers broad protection that can help cover expenses if a customer gets hurt at your business, if someone claims you caused food poisoning or if someone says your marketing efforts were misleading or slanderous. 

That’s why general liability is usually the first type of insurance food and beverage business owners buy. 

For example, if two of your servers collide and spill food and coffee on customers, ruining their laptop, liability can cover a replacement and protect you if the customer files a claim. 

Or if one of your chefs doesn’t follow protocol for cooking chicken and, as a result, customers get salmonella food poisoning and are hospitalized, your business could be held liable for the medical expenses.

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Other important business insurance coverage for restaurant owners

Liability insurance is a good start to making sure you’re covered but you can also customize your business insurance to protect your business property, your employees and your vehicles. 

We typically recommend: 

Commercial property insurance
Commercial Property insurance for restaurants

Restaurant owners can buy property insurance to help protect business equipment, inventory, furniture and the commercial structures they own. 

Property insurance can help cover costs if your business property is damaged due to a covered event, such as a burst water pipe or fire.

It can also help to replace inventory, such as spoiled food after a power outage.

Learn more about commercial property insurance.

Workers' comp insurance
Workers’ Compensation for restaurants

Workplace injuries happen more frequently than you might think, especially when you’re working in the fast-paced food service industry. 

Workers’ comp can help pay for medical bills after a workplace injury or illness. It can also help to cover lost wages while the employee is recovering. 

You can also add owner’s coverage to your policy to protect yourself. 

This coverage is required for businesses with employees in every state except Texas.

Learn more about workers’ comp.

Commercial auto insurance
Commercial Auto insurance for restaurants

You’ll need commercial auto insurance in most states if you have vehicles that are titled to your business. It can also protect your personal vehicle if you use it for business purposes, such as deliveries and transporting catering equipment.

Commercial auto coverage can help pay for expenses after an accident and repair costs if your work vehicle is damaged.

Learn more about commercial auto.

Frequently asked questions about restaurant insurance

What do I need to get an insurance quote online?

We keep it simple and straightforward so you can find the coverage that’s right for you within a few minutes. When you start a quote for insurance, we’ll ask you a few basic questions about your business, including: the kind of services you provide, the location of your office or where you plan to work, how many people you employ and how much you pay them and the number and type of vehicles you use for work.

How does the claims process work with NEXT Insurance?

If you’re a policyholder, you can file a claim any time by logging in to your account at and clicking the “File a claim” under the "About us" tab. You can expect a call from us shortly after you submit a claim to go over the details. If you do not have a policy with us and are filing against one of our policyholders, you can head over to our website at, select “Help Center” under our “Support” tab, and under “Quick Actions for Customers” click where it says ”Not a policyholder and want to file a claim?” If you cannot access your online account or would prefer to speak with an agent, call us at 855-222-5919 between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT, Monday to Friday.

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