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People care about fitness for a variety for reasons. For some people, fitness is about making sure they’re healthy. For others, it’s how they get through a bad day, and for some, it’s a fun social outlet. Exercise means different things to different people, but they’re all connecting to it through you. Whether you’re training someone to run a marathon or teaching a beginner’s yoga class, you give it your all. Your energy and expertise motivate your students, help them stay healthy, and move them toward their goals. It’s important for you to focus fully, so that they can, too.

That’s where fitness liability insurance comes in. Just like you, fitness insurance is all about helping people work toward their goals. If you want to take on more students, open your own studio, or coach someone for a tough competition, you’ll be putting yourself out there and taking some risk. Sports and fitness insurance is what lets you do that with confidence. Your fitness business insurance shows potential partners and students that you’re reliable and prepared. If something goes wrong, you’ll be able to handle it. You have someone to lean on so that your students can lean on you. Whether you work with professional athletes or classes of retirees, you’re a serious professional. Insurance for fitness professionals proves that.

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Why Do Professionals Need Fitness Insurance?

Is sports and fitness insurance required by law?

Requirements for fitness insurance vary by location, and often depend on exactly what kind of work you do. You can check with your local government or Small Business Administration office to find out exactly what laws apply to your business. No matter what kind of fitness work you do, you’re helping people challenge their bodies in new ways and accidents can happen. That’s why we think a good fitness insurance policy is important for all business owners, wherever they are.

Why do I need fitness insurance?

We’re glad you asked! Fitness insurance gives you the security and confidence you need to grow your business and turn your dreams into reality. It can protect you from certain types of costs that can make or break a new business. Instead of saving up all your resources for emergencies, you can invest them and reach new heights as a fitness instructor and business owner. Given that most of our customers pay between $11-$14 per month for their fitness liability insurance, the investment required to get group fitness insurance is also very manageable for many businesses.

How will fitness insurance impact my business?

By proving that you’re a professional business owner, you help build the trust you need for your students or clients. Having group fitness liability insurance lets them know that you’re taking care of them, even when things don’t go as planned. With a fitness insurance policy that’s customized to the size of your business, your payments will have a small impact on your monthly bottom line while your fitness insurance policy could have a large impact when you need it.

Plus, as a Next Insurance customer, you’ll have instant access to your certificate of insurance, which you can share with gyms or studios where you work. That proves you’re a professional, and can give you an edge over your competition, who could take days or weeks to get the proof of fitness insurance that many gyms require.

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Recommended Fitness Insurance:

The great thing about a tailored group fitness insurance policy is that it covers exactly what you need and you don’t pay for coverage you don’t need. But that makes it very important to understand exactly what goes into your fitness liability insurance, so that you can get the right coverage for you. Keep reading to find out more about the different types of sports and fitness insurance coverage so you know exactly what you’re getting:

General Liability Insurance 

General liability is the most fundamental type of business insurance for fitness instructors. It covers most accidents that can harm people or property in the course of your work. It’s critical for anyone working with members of the public, which includes most fitness businesses. General liability fitness insurance coverage can include a wide range of situations that fit into three basic categories: bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage.

Bodily injury refers to physical injury to anyone other than you or your employees. People who could be covered by this type of group fitness insurance can include students, colleagues, or even people passing by–like if someone in a park where you’re running a class trips over a piece of equipment. It could cover cases such as a student who falls off an exercise ball, or someone working out nearby when you accidentally drop some heavy weights. You’re working with equipment and people’s bodies, so you have to be prepared for accidents.

“Personal injury” sounds similar to bodily injury, but it actually covers an entirely different category of claims. These can include cases like invasion of privacy, libel, and copyright infringement. So if you post a photo of you working out with a client, but forgot to get permission from your student first? You may not have to worry about long-term financial damage. It could be covered by the personal injury section of your insurance for fitness professionals.

Property damage coverage is particularly important for fitness instructors who work in other people’s homes or studios. This part of your group fitness liability insurance coverage could take care of exercise machines that break when your student misuses them, hardwood floors that get scratched, or even expensive home furnishings a client knocks over during a workout.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability claims on fitness insurance are usually smaller than general liability claims. That’s reflected in all the sports and fitness insurance packages we offer, which include professional liability insurance, but provide lower limits for this coverage. Professional liability still an important part of your fitness insurance coverage.

While general liability fitness insurance is for accidents that are hard for anyone to anticipate, professional liability insurance can cover you in cases where someone claims that you did your job wrong. That can include anything from an athlete who says they weren’t prepared for a competition and needed to hire a different coach at the last minute to a student who says they got hurt because you didn’t show them the correct way to use certain equipment.

The difference between these types of insurance is quite technical. It can be hard for even insurance professionals to distinguish between them. That’s why we’ve combined them into a single sports and fitness insurance policy: to make your life easier.

There is a gray area in between general and professional liability claims. When you’re dealing with a claim, the last thing you want to be doing is figuring out which of your insurance policies covers it. You want to know you’re covered and be able to move on to doing the work you enjoy.

That’s why we’ve combined general and professional liability into one policy offering the insurance for fitness professionals that you need. We’ve designed your policy around your business instead of around technical definitions for different types of insurance claims. By tailoring your policy to your business and getting you a surprisingly affordable fitness liability insurance quote, we make sure that you’ll get the most complete, convenient, and cost-effective coverage possible.

What if I Do Multiple Activities? Personal Trainer, and Fitness Class Instructor?

Your sports and fitness insurance policy will be customized for whatever you do, even if you don’t fit into one category. When you apply for a policy, you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire listing all your business activities. You’ll have space to list what percentage of your time you spend on each one.

Having your own business means doing what works for you and we’ll make sure your group fitness insurance policy reflects that. Just be sure to pick the description that best matches what you do.

How Much Does Fitness Insurance Cost?

The price of your fitness liability insurance depends on the size of your business, what kind of training you do, and where you do it. There may also be local regulations dictating certain insurance requirements. That’s why you’ll need to get a personalized fitness liability insurance quote to get an exact cost for your specific insurance policy.

But don’t worry; you can get a price quote, specifically for your business, entirely online. In just a few minutes, you’ll have the information you need and can be fully insured. Get a personalized fitness business insurance quote now.

How Do I Know I Can Trust You?

Our job is to provide peace of mind so that you can focus on your business – trust is critical. We recommend checking out what other fitness instructors and business owners have to say about their insurance coverage in our customer reviews section. Our customers, who are business owners like you, can give you some insight into the kind of service we provide.

Feel free to check out our Better Business Bureau site as well, where you can see that we’re an accredited business with additional reviews from our customers.

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