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Sports Coach Insurance

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Sports coach insurance designed to protect your business

Next Insurance is a one-stop shop to help you get the sports coach insurance you need to protect your business from accidents, injuries, and legal fees. Our insurance packages typically include:

  • General liability
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Commercial property
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Get the sports coach business insurance that's just the right fit

We offer customized sports coach insurance policies to small businesses and the self-employed. Oh, and you save up to 10% when you bundle.

General Liability

General Liability

Bought by 95% of business owners like you

General liability insurance provides financial protection if an accident happens at your sports coach business, such as a customer injury or damages to someone’s property. It also provides coverage if you have to defend an accusation of libel or slander.

General Liability can help you pay for:
Medical payments
Property damage
Legal fees and judgments
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Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation

For business owners who hire employees

Workers’ compensation insurance provides a safety net for sports coach business owners and their employees after a workplace injury. It can help cover expenses for medical treatment, lost wages and other costs. You’re required to purchase coverage in most states as soon as you hire your first employee.

Workers' Compensation can help you pay for:
Medical expenses
Lost wages
Employer liability
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Commercial Property

Commercial Property

For business owners who own or rent physical spaces

Commercial property coverage helps protect almost all of the physical items you need to run your sports coach business, including your equipment, inventory and furniture. And the business income coverage in your property insurance could help cover the revenue you would have earned after an unforeseen flooding, as well as ongoing business expenses while you are closed.

Commercial Property can help you pay for:
Damaged equipment and inventory
Lost income
Operating expenses
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How much does business insurance cost

How much should a sports coach expect to pay for insurance?

Your sports coach insurance costs will be tailored to your business. Several factors will impact the price you pay, including:

  • Your claims history
  • How high you set your limits
  • Your work experience
  • How many people you employ

With coverage built for more than 1,300 small business professions, NEXT offers you the right small business insurance at the right price, no matter what you do.

Learn more about sports coach insurance costs and coverage.

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How important is it for a sports coach to have business insurance?

We know building a small business is an investment. To protect that investment, sports coach businesses need insurance to avoid financial losses. Business insurance can protect your from:

  • Lawsuits. Without insurance, you might have to pay entirely out of pocket after an accident or mistake.
  • Damage to the physical items you need to do business.
  • Claims of work mistakes or negligence.
  • Injuries if an employee gets hurt on the job. Insurance can pay for medical expenses and help cover lost wages.

NEXT is dedicated to helping sports coach business owners find the affordable coverage you need to stay protected, meet legal requirements and satisfy your customers.

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Everything you want to know about Insurance

Frequently asked questions about sports coach business insurance

Here are some of the most common questions we get about sports coach business insurance. If you don’t find the answers you need here, our licensed, U.S.-based insurance advisors are standing by to help via online chat or phone.

Does NEXT Insurance offer General Liability coverage for sports coaches?
Yes, NEXT Insurance offers General Liability, Workers' Compensation and Commercial Property insurance for sports coaches.
Does NEXT Insurance offer Workers' Compensation coverage for sports coaches?
Yes, NEXT Insurance offers General Liability, Workers' Compensation and Commercial Property insurance for sports coaches.
Can I add an additional insured to my fitness insurance?

Yes. We know it’s a common need for fitness instructors to add an additional insured to their coverage, so we’ve given you the power to create certificates of insurance and add additional insureds for free. Learn more about additional insureds.