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Happy World Yoga Day! 6 Tips to Build Your Yoga Business

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Jun 2, 2020 min read

Happy World Yoga Day! What is your business doing to celebrate this holiday? If you’ve been thinking about starting your own yoga business or expanding the one you already have, then this can be an ideal time to start.

In honor of World Yoga Day, here are 6 tips for building your own yoga business successfully.

Tip #1: Know Yourself

If you haven’t started your business yet, there are some important preliminary steps to take. Before you sign a lease on your own studio, you should have a solid business plan. You’ll need to answer these questions:

Goals: What are your goals? Do you want to run a small, intimate class for people in your neighborhood, or are you looking to go corporate and offer a wide range of services? Define your goals before you get started.

Services: What types of yoga would you like to feature? Do you want to include music, art, or dance lessons in your studio? Will you be offering private sessions, yoga parties, and yoga therapy? Can you meet corporate demands for in-house business yoga sessions?

Limitations: What are your limitations? Do you have children you need to get home to by a certain time? Are there enough people in your area to fill several classes? Think about your time, geographical limits, and personal constraints to paint a more realistic picture of where you can take this business.

Budget: What is your budget? Organize your finances so you don’t end up exceeding your budget in the first month. Think about expenses, employees, rent, etc. to get a full picture of the costs.

Tip #2: Keep Pushing Forward with Confidence

While you may be passionate about yoga, remember that this is still a business. The minute you invite the public into your domain, you are taking responsibility for their safety and wellbeing. Make sure you have the right yoga instructor insurance so you can focus on your goals and growth instead of wondering about the what-ifs.

Tip #3: Use Social Media

A social media presence not only expands your reach, allowing more people to find out about you, but it also makes it easier to run your yoga business. A Facebook page gives you a convenient community space to send out important information about classes such as cancellations, discounts, and events. Instagram allows you to showcase your knowledge of yoga. You can also post pictures from classes or a clip from a session for people to get to know your business better before signing up.

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Tip #4: Consider Distance Learning

Tailoring your more traditional classes to incorporate online sessions can greatly expand your yoga reach, as you won’t be restricted by studio time slots, scheduling issues, or even time zones. Additionally, doing this allows your classes to be accessible to your clients on their time schedule and whenever they want.

Online or Skype classes also give you the flexibility to add new elements to your classes such as writing exercises, recitations, or art projects. This is a good way to target your business or hone in on niche audiences.

Tip #5: Be a Good Teacher

Finally, being a good teacher (or hiring good teachers) will naturally grow your yoga business for you. Be lavish with your praise of your clients’ achievements and progress. Remember, yoga isn’t simple, especially for the beginner, and your praise will give them the strength to continue through the struggle. Also:

  • Be supportive, it goes a long way.
  • Be constructive with criticism.
  • Be assertive when you need to be.
  • Be flexible – not everyone learns the same way.
  • Be aware of students’ needs and struggles.
  • Be communicative – don’t assume your students understand what you’re trying to say.

Tip #6: Stay Educated

Yoga awareness is growing across the globe. Organizations are forming, books are being published, and people are talking. Stay on top of your industry by constantly being informed of the latest developments from new techniques to new yoga organizations that focus on creating a smoother and more successful experience for yoga students and teachers like you.

The Yoga Alliance has great resources on where yoga professionals like you can look for additional educational resources.

Finally, always set aside time for your own personal yoga sessions. Both on World Yoga Day and throughout the year, it’s important to celebrate the yoga lifestyle and expand your yoga business to bring your passion to a new level this year. Happy World Yoga Day!

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