Do I need Yoga insurance if I'm teaching online?

Discover what insurance protection you need as an online yoga instructor and how you can benefit from the right insurance package.

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Published June 6, 2023.

Many yoga teachers who host online courses can benefit from the protection of business insurance. Even without a physical yoga studio, your yoga business still faces risks.

Why do you need Yoga insurance?

Here are two key situations in which having yoga insurance can serve as a safety net, protecting your practice and giving you peace of mind.

1. Protection against liability

Accidents can happen while you're teaching yoga online. Some common incidents include:

  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Muscle strains or sprains
  • Joint injuries

If your students get hurt during your class, they can blame you for their injuries. This can include accusing you of giving wrong instructions or being negligent while teaching. Your students can then hold you liable for medical and legal fees. Yoga insurance can help protect you against these claims and cover costs.

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2. Protection for your equipment

Damaged, lost or stolen gear can bring your online yoga classes to a halt. This can include:

  • Computers or laptops
  • Cameras and lighting
  • Yoga mats and other gear

Instead of losing out on money you earn from sessions, you can protect everything you need as a yoga instructor with yoga insurance.

What insurance policies should be included in your Yoga insurance?

Here are three of the most important types of insurance coverage for online yoga teachers:

Yoga insurance designed to protect your business

Yoga teacher insurance will allow you to focus on what you do best — guide others without having to worry about potential risks.

NEXT can help you find an affordable yoga insurance plan customized to your needs. Simply answer a few questions online and receive a tailored quote within minutes. Once you've purchased your business insurance, you can immediately access and share your certificate of insurance.

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