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Why Do Pilates Teachers Need Insurance?

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May 9, 2018 min read

If you enjoy doing Pilates and like helping others, being a Pilates teacher is a great job choice. You can keep up your own Pilates skills, meet plenty of new people and have the job satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping others reach their fitness and health goals.

What’s more, demand for athletics trainers like Pilates teachers is growing fast and the average annual salary of $46,000 is much higher than the national average wage. Pilates teachers can even earn over $100,000 a year. Being a Pilates teacher can be great for parents and anyone else who needs a flexible working day, since you can usually plan your classes around your other responsibilities.

The Challenges of Being a Pilates Teacher

Before we discuss the advantages of getting Pilates insurance, it’s only fair to mention the challenges of being a Pilates teacher:

  • You need very good knowledge of the human body
  • Finding a local gym or exercise space where you can teach classes
  • Encouraging your clients when they are tired, frustrated or grumpy
  • Not having a regular, fixed work schedule

How Pilates Insurance Protects Your Business

Pilates is a very effective exercise routine that can be amazingly successful at curing physical issues like back pain and neck pain. But like every exercise plan, if it’s not done correctly it won’t work and can even be dangerous. That’s why you need to have a very thorough knowledge of the human body, including all the bones, muscles and connecting tissue, and plenty of Pilates training before becoming a Pilates teacher.

When you have the right Pilates instructor insurance, it protects you in case these types of situations happen:

  • A client pushes herself too hard to get into a particular position and pulls a muscle in her chest, leaving her in bed for days
  • Someone in your class overbalances during an exercise and breaks his wrist
  • You encourage a client to stretch just a little bit more, and she damages her hamstring
  • You sell a client a Magic Circle which breaks suddenly and breaks your client’s heirloom vase
  • You help a client to get into a position, but she feels that you touched her inappropriately and sues for harrassment

5 Ways that Pilates Insurance Helps Build your Pilates Teaching Business

Pilates insurance isn’t just something that you need in case of emergencies.

  1. When you know that you have the Pilates insurance you need, it gives you confidence. This is even more important when you are just starting out and are nervous that you might make a mistake. With professional Pilates insurance backing you up, you’ll feel willing to apply to teach new classes and to take on more responsibility.
  2. An up-to-date Certificate of Insurance also helps you to get more classes to teach. It shows gym/studio owners that you are responsible, since you make the effort to buy the insurance that you need. Given the choice between two Pilates teachers, one with his own insurance and one who doesn’t have any insurance, a gym owner will likely lean towards hiring the one with insurance.
  3. Pilates insurance makes your clients trust you more too, knowing that you care enough about their safety to invest in insurance. You can find more private Pilates clients - the ones who pay the best - because they will be willing to trust you with their safety.
  4. When you have your own Pilates instructor insurance, you also have your independence. You won’t have to rely on the gym having insurance. You can accept jobs anywhere, any time, without worrying about whether or not they have enough insurance to protect you in case anything goes wrong.
  5. Having Pilates teacher insurance also gives you the flexibility to take on a new job at short notice. If someone asks you to step in as a substitute teacher at the most prestigious local Pilates center, you’ll be ready.

Pilates instructor insurance means that you can make the most of every minute without any worries. There’s no reason not to get it, and plenty of good reasons for buying it.

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