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How a Math Teacher Became a Successful Fitness Entrepreneur

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Sep 26, 2019 min read

What motivates a young high school math teacher to jump into the world of entrepreneurship and start her own fitness brand? This is the story of Hally, a self-declared math nerd and now the successful owner of Playful Fitness.

Getting Her Spark Back

When you think of a math nerd, you probably don’t think of someone who is athletic. But Hally, a serial overachiever, was both. She was a smart and capable student, and at the same time, she played soccer and swam at a national level. But after graduating from college, Hally’s lifestyle active lifestyle started slipping away.

Hally was in a rut, but she was motivated to dig herself out. She wanted to reconnect with the fun she associated with playing sport and the joy she got from movement. True she was no longer a college athlete, but Hally was ready to cultivate a new relationship with exercise. As an adult, she realized she could still have a blast while exercising. She just needed to listen to her body and have fun.

Movement + Fun = A Winning Combination

Soon Hally was back to her familiar athletic self, but now, an idea inside of her was starting to blossom. She had tons of friends and colleges who had also neglected their wellbeing and who wanted to improve their lifestyles. Hally wanted to help them. So she started teaching fitness classes to her colleagues at the end of the school day. In typical Hally style, she infused playfulness into her workout sessions, and her coworkers couldn’t get enough.

Hally got much positive feedback, she realized she could kick her hobby up a level, and turn it into a career. That year, she got certified as a Barre instructor, group fitness instructor, and personal trainer.  Hally saw the need for a fitness method that focused on joy. Instead of grueling workout sessions, people wanted a fun fitness program, tailored to their needs, which was easy to do anytime and anywhere.

Hally Is Doing It All and Having a Blast

It didn’t take Hally long to realize that she had found a winning equation, and the playful fitness brand was born. Instead of forcing people to hit the treadmill or lift weights, she helps her clients connect to the part of them that wants run, jump, and have fun. Her clients not only lose weight, but they also bring joy back into their lives.

Today, you’ll still find Hally teaching math, but she is also the owner of Playful Fitness, a successful fitness brand that operates in over 15 countries.

Hally juggles two careers, so she has learned to rely on tools that help simplify the technicals parts of running a business. One of her favorite time-saving services is the Next small business insurance.  At next, she gets a level of service that you can not imagine. Next was built to help entrepreneurs just like Hally thrive. So instead of finding her buried in paperwork, you’ll find Hally running, jumping, and working out alongside her clients.

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By Next Insurance Staff
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