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Oct 2, 2019 min read

Jessica had a unique dream. A gifted performer with a breath-taking voice and attention-grabbing stage presence. Jessica wanted to become an opera singer but her passion could not protect her from the fact that she would face relentless criticism and endless judging panels to make her dream a reality. The feeling that her destiny was out of her hands shattered Jessica’s self-esteem, which affected her singing and her body image. She gave up on her dream.

Fortunately, at the young age of 21, Jessica had an ‘aha’ moment. She recently started working out regularly and the experience was transformational. Her confidence skyrocketed. For the first time in years, she was truly happy. Jessica was thrilled by the shift in her life, and she started wondering how she could use her experience to help others. When it hit her that she could become a personal trainer, it was like someone had suddenly turned on the lights.

Jessica’s enthusiasm for helping people get into shape and take control of their lives propelled her to start a personal training business. Her passion drove her, but hard work was what led to real financial success. If you, like Jessica, are thinking about turning your passion into a small business, check out her five tips for success here:

1. Find Your Business Niche

Promote yourself as an expert in one specific niche. Jessica does this through her exclusive deals for opera singers who want to get into shape. Because exercise and eating habits can also affect vocals, clients feel comfortable relying on her experience and knowledge to tailor their workouts to suit their needs. She still offers her personal training to the general public, but you can bet she is the only personal trainer specifically targeting the opera community.

2. Prioritize Customer Service

There is nothing more important than the relationships you create with your clients. They are what drives your business! Jessica has a long list of glowing testimonials, which tell the story of a warm and committed personal trainer. By showing her clients that they are her priority, she gains tons of new customers and loyal fans.

3. Cover Your Bases

Personal training insurance protects your company, but it also is a stamp of professionalism that you can use to gain the trust of your potential customers. Jessica loves the Live Certificate from Next insurance. With it, she gets a paper-free Certificate of Insurance that she can email or text to any prospective client.

4. Always Be Marketing

You are your business, but in the background, you are also a fitness marketing company. It is your job to spread the word about your great services. Jessica is a wiz at engaging her target market on Instagram. She posts lots of interesting content about opera and personal training, and she encourages her readers to DM her with questions.

5. Stay Involved in Your Business

As a business owner, being involved, available, and physically present shows your customers that they are your priority. Jessica knows that the more time she sets aside to guide her customers, the more likely they’ll want to work with her.

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By Next Insurance Staff
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