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Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Protect your employees for as low as $14/month.

What does Workers’ Compensation insurance cover?

Your workers’ comp policy can help pay for medical expenses, loss of income, retraining for employees, permanent injury and survivor benefits after a workplace injury. The amount of coverage provided by your policy is regulated by state law and varies based on where you do business.

Medical Expenses

Coverage for medical expenses can vary depending on the injury, but a workers’ comp insurance policy will typically help pay for immediate and ongoing medical treatment, and rehabilitation costs.

For example, if an administrative assistant at your business has work-related wrist pain, workers’ compensation could pay for the initial diagnosis, ongoing treatment and physical therapy.

Lost wages

For people in very physical jobs, even a small injury can make it difficult, or impossible, to work safely. Workers’ compensation insurance coverage enables an injured employee to take the time they need to recover without worrying about lost wages while they are out of work.

Workers’ compensation will cover most of the employee’s wages while they are recovering. The percentage of coverage varies based on the state where the injury occurred.


Some injuries can prevent an employee from ever returning to the same job. In this situation, workers’ compensation insurance will pay for the employee to learn new skills and enter a new field.

For example, a furniture mover at a moving company could experience a long-term back injury. In that case, the employee could be retrained for a desk job.

Permanent injury

You and your employees can be eligible for long-term benefits after an injury that never fully recovers or causes a permanent impairment. The amount and length of coverage varies on a case-by-case basis and is determined by the workers’ comp requirements in your state.

Death benefits

In the unfortunate event of a work-related death, workers’ compensation can help pay for burial expenses and provide financial help for the employee’s family.

Employers’ liability

Employers’ liability insurance helps protect your business if an employee, client, vendor or other third party files a lawsuit against you because of a work-related injury, illness or death. It comes into play when someone files a lawsuit because they believe the employer’s actions (or failure to act) caused or significantly worsened the employee’s injury or illness.

Employers’ liability coverage is part of every workers’ comp policy we sell.


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