Painter’s Insurance: A Must for Every Professional

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Jun 2, 2020 min read

It’s important for all small business owners to have proper liability insurance, and painters are no exception to that rule. As part of your job, painters find themselves in unique situations and with specific challenges that need the right insurance. Working in such a physical business, with dangerous chemicals, on another person’s property, can leave you exposed to all kinds of risks. It can be tricky to be a successful painter – to handle large equipment, deal with caustic and messy materials, and work on your client’s premises, while giving them exactly what they are looking for. We certainly understand why it is important for you to have painter’s insurance to protect your business from any risk and enable you to focus on getting a smooth coat and getting onto your next job.

Why Do I Need Painter’s Insurance?

Before we look at the specifics of painter insurance, let’s first take a look at whether painter’s insurance is really necessary. Unfortunately, even if you are as careful as possible, accidents can still happen. A chemical could easily spill or be knocked over and cause damage to your client’s property or injury to someone on the premises. You could find yourself being sued for libel or for using a photo without prior consent, or a misunderstanding could lead to your being sued. Even if you were not in the wrong at all, as a business owner, all of these scenarios could put significant financial strain on your business.

Painter's Insurance

Painter’s insurance gives you the confidence you need to take on the big jobs and expand your business without worry.

This is particularly important in the current market. As the housing market in the US has expanded over the past five years, and people are spending more on home improvements, the painting industry is continuing to grow. You can be part of this exciting growth if you take good care of your business.

Work Requirement

Many potential clients will require you to have insurance before you can be hired and begin a job. By having painter business insurance, you are showing potential clients that you have taken steps to protect yourself and your clients from accidents. This shows that you run a professional and trustworthy business. In addition, in states that require painters to be licensed (and this varies from state to state), painter insurance is generally required in order to get this license. By making sure you have the right insurance in place, you will be a step ahead of many other contenders for a job.

Protection from Injury

Imagine you accidentally spill paint or turpentine on the floor and your client slips in it and injures themselves. They could also trip over your bucket of paint and wind up in the hospital, demanding that you cover their hospital stay, even if they don’t sue you. Insurance for painters is designed to protect you in these cases.

Damage to Property

With a large portion of your work taking place on property you don’t own, you risk causing damage to that property by mistake. You could accidentally walk into a house with paint on your shoe and ruin the floors, or have one of the spills mentioned above. Whatever the scenario, painter’s insurance will protect you, even in cases when this was an accident. Perhaps your ladder hit a chandelier and it broke, perhaps you spilled turpentine on a carpet and ruined it or perhaps you knocked an ornament with your paint bucket and it broke. Painter’s liability insurance will pay for the repairs, cleaning or replacement of items if needed.

Advertising Harm or Libel

As a small business owner, you will need to put time and effort into advertising. It’s possible you might use a photo of someone’s property without their consent and they may sue you for it. You could find yourself in a situation where a worker says something negative about a client, it’s overheard and you end up getting sued. Painter’s liability insurance is important in these case.

Protect and Grow Your Business

There are many scenarios where insurance for painters may be necessary. The right insurance package will ensure that you are protected in all possible circumstances. Painter insurance cost should not put you off getting the insurance you need, and there are certainly insurance packages that are both affordable and comprehensive. In fact, painter insurance is an affordable way to take care of your business, so you can spend your energy on helping your business grow.

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