25 profitable home improvement business ideas to start in 2024

25 profitable home improvement business ideas to start in 2024

Amy Beardsley
By Amy Beardsley
Feb 14, 2024
9 min read

Do you want to start a profitable home improvement business but need help figuring out where to begin?

As an experienced artisan, construction contractor, homebuilder or handyperson, you have many skills to offer — yet turning those skills into profit is easier said than done for business owners.

To help you answer the question “What’s the best home improvement business to start?” we’ve compiled a list of top home improvement business ideas — including salary information and projected industry growth to fuel your small business ambitions.

1. Home automation technician

Annual salary: $45,556

Industry growth: The market for home automation is registering a 22% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) between 2023 to 2032. With global furnishing retailer IKEA joining the market in 2023, demand for installing won’t slow any time soon.

A home automation technician installs and repairs smart home technology allowing customers to control heating and cooling, lighting, security and more in their homes. Few companies hire for this position, but home automation is one of many home improvement business opportunities. You could grow your own startup by marketing your services to residents in nearby neighborhoods and cities.

2. Fence installation and repair

Annual salary: $39,840

Industry growth: Little or no change expected through 2032

Although the industry will see little change over the next decade, a fence installation and repair business can be rewarding if you like building and working outdoors.

3. Home weatherization

Annual salary: $39,850

Industry growth: 2% – 4% growth expected through 3032

A home weatherization company provides sealing, insulating and waterproofing for homes for both energy efficiency and home security.

4. Interior and exterior house painting

Annual salary: $46,090

Industry growth: 1% growth expected, with 377,900 job openings through 2032

Painting houses, walls, doors, and trim are common with a house painting business. You could also expand your offerings to include commercial painting for buildings and bridges.

5. Handyman services

Annual salary: $44,980

Industry growth: 2% – 4% growth expected, with 152,400 job openings through 2032

When you have a handyman business, you’ll have a variety of home repair and home maintenance projects to keep you from getting bored with your day-to-day tasks. You might start the day by installing a TV on a wall and end it by fixing window blinds. Either way, your skills are in high demand with homeowners.

6. Floor installation

Annual salary: $47,890

Industry growth: Annual growth of 3% expected, with 9,800 job openings through 2032

Improve the look and feel of homes or commercial property as a carpet, vinyl, tile, and wood floor installer. A floor installation business is physically demanding but doesn’t require a formal education — you can learn on the job.

7. Construction manager

Annual salary: $101,480

Industry growth: Faster than average annual growth of 5% expected with 528,700 job openings through 2032

A construction manager plans, coordinates, budgets, and supervises construction projects from start to finish. You might consider finding a niche in home renovation or kitchen remodeling. Whether you work in an office or a field office, you’ll spend most of your time indoors.

8. Garage door installation and repair (mechanical doors)

Annual salary: $47,010

Industry growth: Much faster than average annual growth of 9% expected with 28,000 job openings through 2032

Working with hand and power tools, you’d install, repair, maintain, and replace garage doors. Your repair services can even net wages if you’re willing to be on-call or can provide fast response times.

9. Interior decorating

Annual salary: $61,590

Industry growth: 4% annual growth expected through 2032

Interior design and decorating services help to make indoor spaces functional, safe, and beautiful. Although the industry will see average growth, interior decorating businesses accounted for 94,900 jobs as of 2022.

10. Deck building

Annual salary: $39,520

Industry growth: Average annual growth of 4% expected with 151,400 job openings through 2032

The construction of decks and patios is the focus of a deck-building business. Aside from residential clients, there are also opportunities to work on decks for commercial clients such as restaurants or event facilities.

11. Air duct cleaning

Annual salary: $51,390

Industry growth: Annual growth of 6% expected through 2032

Air duct cleaning is the best way to improve indoor air quality. You could help to eliminate allergens, bacteria, mold, and other pollutants in homes, schools, hospitals, office buildings, and factories in heating and air conditioning ducts.

12. Professional organization services

Annual salary: $43,861

Industry growth: Very active, especially in metropolitan areas

Professional organizers help people reduce clutter and create order out of chaos in their homes and businesses. You might organize a shoe closet or create storage space in a junk-filled garage. Because most organizers are self-employed and set their own rates and services, this industry is not standardized.

13. Septic tank cleaning

Annual salary: $45,610

Industry growth: Average annual growth of 5% – 8% expected through 2032

It may not be the most glamorous job, but septic tank cleaning is crucial for many homeowners. However, it’s an easier job to get into with little educational requirements and on-the-job training that can be completed in a few months.

14. Home security consulting and installation

Annual salary: $50,130

Industry growth: 2% – 4% annual growth expected, with 8,300 projected job openings through 2033

Home security can be a lucrative business venture. You could recommend and install home security systems to keep your client’s property and the people inside their homes safer.

15. Furniture assembly

Annual salary: $34,934

Industry growth: Very active, especially in metropolitan areas

Bookshelves and other home and office furniture are notorious for being difficult and time-consuming to assemble. This service often sees higher demand for businesses near college campuses, senior communities, or military bases.

16. Electrician

Annual salary: $60,240

Industry growth: Average annual growth of 6% expected through 2032

Electricians install, maintain, and repair electrical power, communications, lighting, and control systems. You’ll most likely need an electrician license to perform this work. Apprenticeships and technical schools provide training and help with licensing.

17. Plumbing

Annual salary: $60,090

Industry growth: 2% annual growth expected through 2032

While growth is slow, the plumbing industry will likely have 42,600 openings each year over the next decade to replace workers who transfer to different occupations or retire from being a plumber.

18. Carpentry

Annual salary: $51,390

Industry growth: Little or no change expected through 2032

The work of a carpenter includes constructing, repairing, and installing wood structures and framework. Your carpentry business idea can be either indoors or outdoors, ranging from building or repairing kitchen cabinets to focusing on restoration.

19. Cleaning service

Annual salary: $29,960

Industry growth: Little or no change expected through 2032

Maids and housecleaners maintain private households or commercial establishments such as hotels, offices or hospitals. You can also establish a niche cleaning business such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning or pressure washing driveways.

20. Historic home restoration

Annual salary: varies by trade

Industry growth: Home remodeling expected 4% annual growth

Historic home restoration focuses on the preservation of older homes, while making them fucntional for modern living. Typically, trades that work on historic homes can command higher salaries because of the complexities of projects.

21. Landscaping and lawn care

Annual salary: $36,160

Industry growth: 3% annual growth expected through 2032

Landscaping and lawn care businesses install and maintain landscapes, prune trees or shrubs, and do other tasks to ensure that vegetation is attractive, orderly, and safe. Although the industry expects average growth, it will see 44,200 new jobs through 2032.

22. Solar panel installation

Annual salary: $45,230

Industry growth: Much faster than average 9% annual growth expected through 2032

Solar photovoltaic (PV) installers assemble, set up, and maintain rooftop or other systems that convert sunlight into energy. With more homeowners interested in both saving money and the environment, this is a growing field.

23. Tile or stone setting

Annual salary: $48,340

Industry growth: 5% – 8% annual growth expected through 2032

If you know how to apply hard tile, stone, and comparable materials to walls, floors, ceilings, countertops and roof decks, you can easily start a business. Most workers gain experience from working with experienced installers, starting as helpers.

24. Junk removal

Annual salary: $36,442

Industry growth: Very active, especially in metropolitan areas

Junk removal has become a successful business model over the past decade with many potential customers looking to declutter and tidy their living spaces. Startup costs and educational requirements are low.

25. Pest control

Annual salary: $38,310

Industry growth: 3% annual growth expected through 2032

Pest control workers remove insects, rodents, and other pests that infest buildings and surrounding areas. Barriers to entry are low; most workers get their start getting licensed and working alongside experienced workers.

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