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Move Your Business Forward

Move Your Business Forward

Show your next employer that you carry insurance for pressure washing by quickly downloading our Certificate of Insurance online. You can even add a new business you're working for as an Additional Insured before you download. And there are no extra fees, ever.

Focus on Your Goals

Focus on Your Goals

Go ahead and book that big job, or think about expanding into the next county; we've got your pressure washing business liability insurance covered, so you can work on what matters to you: your business. We guarantee your satisfaction--cancel anytime you're not satisfied.

Simple Monthly Payments

Simple Monthly Payments

Cash flow trouble? Our payment plans allow you to pay your pressure washing business insurance premium on a monthly basis so you can keep your business running and insured at the same time. Of course, we don't charge any extra fees if you choose that option.

Pressure Washing Insurance Coverage Plans

Starting at $29 per month


General Liability

$300,000 limit
$0 deductible


Most popular

General and Professional Liability

$1,000,000 limit
$0 deductible

Pro Plus

General and Professional Liability

$2,000,000 limit
$0 deductible

All plans include General Liability coverage; Pro and Pro Plus plans also include Professional Liability coverage.

  • Bodily Injury

    Your client trips on the cord of your pressure washer and hurts himself.

  • Medical Payments

    That same client asks you to pay for their medical expenses, rather than pursue a lawsuit.

  • Property Damage

    While moving your equipment onto a client's back porch, you have go to through their office. On your way, you accidentally knock a computer over. Your client demands you replace it.

  • Advertising Harm

    A client sues you for using "before and after" images of his home in advertising without prior consent.

  • Libel or Slander

    An employee jokingly complains about a client to the waitress while out to lunch at the local cafe. The discussion gets back to your client and his company sues. We’ll cover you.

  • Professional Errors

    You turned your pressure washing machine up too high, and knocked over all the plants on your clients porch, including their prize-winning orchids. If you purchased a Pro or Pro Plus policy, which include Professional Liability Insurance, we'll cover you.

This is a brief summary of your policy and does not supersede the policy documents.If you want full details, please call us.

Got questions? We've got answers

Do I have to pay the entire annual premium now?
No, to make it easier on your budget we allow you to make monthly payments. Of course, there's no extra fee for paying monthly.
How do I get a Certificate of Insurance?
We provide you unlimited certificates of insurance, free of charge. Once you've purchased a policy, log in to our website to get proof of insurance or add an Additional Insured. In most cases, you'll get your certificate within minutes. Otherwise, we'll email it within one business day.
How long will it take to get my policy after I buy?
You will be receive your policy documents via email within one business day of purchase.
Can I add to or change my coverage?
If you’ve expanded your business and need coverage for more kinds of work, please let us know! An agent will go over your new operations and next steps with you and in most cases, we’ll be able to set you up with a new policy on the same day (so there will be no gaps in your coverage). Unfortunately though, we can’t remove any exclusions from the policy. So if you see your operations listed in our exclusions section, we’re very sorry, but our policy isn’t going to be the right fit for you just yet.

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I shopped around before moving forward with nextinsurance. So far everything is good. I haven’t had to use it yet (knock on wood), but after speaking with a representative, I feel like I’m in good hands.


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I was looking for some basic coverage when i can across next insurance. I applied online, got a quote and was insured the next day. My in town said it would be up to 2 weeks for approvale and I was on deadline to meet a contract. So far its been a good experience.

Barry B.

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Perfect! incredibly fast and to the point catering to people that don’t have time to waste. great fluidity on your site and hats off to all the developers involved.


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