Does Toy Store insurance cover theft of merchandise?

Discover how toy store insurance can protect your business from theft of merchandise.

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Updated May 29, 2023.

Great news — yes, toy store insurance can cover stolen merchandise. Statista reports that over 10% of retail businesses in the United States faced an average inventory shrinkage rate of 3% or more in 2021. So, as a toy store owner, the right coverage can help prevent revenue loss that inventory changes can cause, including shrinkages from theft.

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How can Toy Store insurance protect against theft?

Toy store insurance can include commercial property insurance or business personal property insurance. This can provide cover for:

  • Internal theft (by employees)
  • External theft (by customers or others)

Retail insurance, which toy store insurance can fall under, also offers protection against theft because it can include commercial property insurance. We recommend reviewing your policy details to understand the extent of your coverage.

Understanding your Toy Store insurance coverage

Toy store insurance coverage can help with potential income losses because of theft.

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