Does Furniture Store insurance cover accidents on the store's premises?

Learn how furniture store insurance works if there's an accident on your store's premises.

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Updated June 5, 2023.

Yes, furniture store insurance can cover accidents on the store's premises. If a customer trips on furniture and breaks their belongings while browsing your store, this can be a costly liability.

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How Furniture Store insurance can cover you

Furniture store insurance can include multiple policies to help protect you and your store from different accidents.

  • General liability insurance: Third-party injuries, like slip-and-fall accidents, damage to customers' property, medical fees and legal costs can be covered.
  • Workers' compensation insurance: For example, if an employee gets injured while moving heavy furniture around the store, this can help cover medical bills and lost wages.
  • Commercial property insurance: Any inventory or equipment damage caused by an accident at the store that leads to a temporary shutdown can be covered. This helps with operating fees and lost income resulting from the shutdown.
  • Commercial auto insurance: If a work vehicle has a collision on the premises, this coverage can help with medical fees, collision repairs and car rental reimbursements.

However, there are exceptions, such as accidents or damage caused intentionally.

Protect your furniture store

Costs can pile up since accidents are unexpected. But you can plan for them with comprehensive furniture store insurance. Protecting yourself, your employees and your customers can help you focus on day-to-day operations without worry.

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