Does Amazon Seller insurance cover loss of income?

Wondering if you can get insurance to help protect business income when selling on Amazon? Let's find out.

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Updated May 29, 2023.

Luckily, yes, but it depends on specific circumstances. According to a report by Jungle Scout, 89% of Amazon sellers are profitable. But what happens if you face unexpected circumstances that lead to loss of income? With Amazon seller insurance, you can help protect your income.

How Amazon Seller insurance can cover lost income

Amazon seller insurance can include multiple policies.

Many Amazon sellers consider commercial property insurance, which can help with business income and other operating expenses if you have to shut down operations temporarily because of a covered event, such as water damage.

There are all sorts of headwinds you could face selling on Amazon.

For example, say you're running an e-commerce business that sells headphones. A a structure fire hits the area where your storage unit is and all of your inventory is ruined. An Amazon seller insurance commercial property policy can help cover the lost income if you are forced to stop business and help replace your goods and property.

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Amazon Seller insurance made simple with NEXT

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