Does Amazon seller business insurance cover business interruption?

Find out if Amazon seller insurance can help protect your business during interruptions.

David Granahan - Writer for NEXT Insurance
By David Granahan
Kelly Hendrickse - editor for NEXT Insurance
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Matt Crawford for NEXT Insurance
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Published June 19, 2023.

Yes, Amazon seller insurance can cover business interruption.

Business interruption coverage

Amazon seller insurance can include a commercial property policy or a business owner's policy. These coverage types can have business income insurance, also known as business interruption insurance.

With this layer of protection, you can make sure you have the right cover to help in case you have to shut down operations temporarily or face shipping delays.

Benefits of business interruption coverage

You can reap a number of benefits with business interruption coverage, such as:

  • Lost income and employee wages coverage during the period of interruption
  • Help with extra expenses incurred as a result of the interruption
  • Ongoing expenses, like rent or mortgage payments, can be covered
  • Peace of mind knowing that the business is protected against unexpected disruptions
  • Improved resilience in the face of unexpected events

How NEXT can help protect Amazon sellers

With online retail comes delays, particularly in the fulfillment process, so having the right coverage for your business needs is highly recommended. With NEXT, you can tailor your Amazon seller insurance to ensure you have business interruption coverage. You’ll have instant access to your certificate of insurance once you purchase coverage, and you can share it 24/7 with the NEXT app.

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