What kind of insurance does a self-employed mechanic need?

As a self-employed mechanic, there are a number of insurance coverage options you can benefit from.

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Updated June 2, 2023.

What kind of insurance does a self-employed mechanic need?

Auto mechanic shops can experience risks, from third-party injuries to negligence claims. As a self-employed mechanic, choosing the right type of insurance depends on your specific business needs.

Mechanic licenses are typically a legal requirement—once you have one, you can explore your insurance options. These include:

  • Professional liability insurance: This helps protect you from claims that your work caused a client to suffer financial loss. If a car repair wasn't done correctly and a customer got into an accident, this can help cover legal fees.
  • General liability insurance: Garage liability can fall under this coverage. This policy can help if a third-party injury or property damage on your premises occurs. For example, if shop equipment falls on and injures a customer.
  • Commercial property insurance: This can cover gear and equipment used to run your shop. Should a fire damage inventory and cause a shutdown, this insurance can help with repairs and lost income.
  • Garagekeepers liability insurance: General liability can include this specific coverage type. If you receive claims of damage to a customer's car, this coverage can help cover repairs for it. For instance, if the bumper is dented while in your shop.

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How NEXT can help self-employed mechanics stay protected

Whether you're a mobile mechanic or you have your own auto shop, having different types of insurance coverage can help protect your business from unforeseen incidents that could be thrown your way.

With NEXT, you can get tailored auto repair shop insurance that suits your needs. To view your options, you can apply online and get an instant quote in less than 10 minutes. Once registered, you can share your certificate of insurance instantly anytime, anywhere and for free.

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