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Why Should You Get Business Insurance for Your Business?

Global corporations get sued all the time. Sometimes, they’ll even just pay claims that aren’t their fault because it’s easier than fighting and they’ve got the cash to spare. Most small businesses can’t do that. And there’s where small business insurance come in. Accidents happen and, unlike a big corporation, a small business can’t just shift dollars between projects or subsidiaries. A single, large claim could stop a small business in its tracks, which makes reliable insurance for a small business critical.

On the other hand, your business doesn’t need as much coverage as a large corporation. Business insurance companies need to offer you the best small business insurance that will take care of you, at a price you can afford.

What Does Business Insurance Cover?


General Liability:


This can cover many of the accidents at work, including property damage, physical injury, and medical or legal fees. General liability business insurance also covers personal injury, which includes things like advertising harm and copyright violations.


A client comes to your office and slips on some spilled coffee, breaking a hip. They ask you to pay the medical bills.

Do I need this coverage?

General liability coverage is the most basic type of insurance that most businesses need. Unless you never see your clients face to face or handle any of their physical property, this insurance is important.

Professional Liability/Errors & Omissions


This insurance for business owners can cover accusations of professional mistakes, as opposed to unavoidable accidents. It often pays for work to be redone or for damage caused by faulty work.


You’re a contractor and your client claims you used the wrong insulation material, causing leaks in the roof. They want you to pay to replace their expensive carpet and to reinsulate their roof.

Do I need this coverage?

Professional liability insurance is especially important if you deal with expensive property (houses, cars, etc.), but can also cover you if you have technical difficulties and can’t complete a job.

Workers’ Compensation


If an employee gets hurt on the job, this type of insurance for business owners could cover their medical expenses and lost salary while protecting you, the employer, from being sued for negligence.


Your employee tells you a ladder they’re using is getting old. The following week, it breaks and your employee breaks a leg.

Do I need this coverage?

In many states, workers’ compensation is mandatory for any business with even one employee. However, some places have other requirements and some do not regulate it. Check local laws to find out.

Commercial Auto


Commercial auto insurance can pay for damage caused by or to your business vehicle in case of an accident or collision, whether or not it was your fault.


Your employee is delivering a product in your company van. They skid, crashing into another car. Your insurance could cover the damage to both vehicles.

Do I need this coverage?

If your vehicle is an inherent part of the work you do, then you need commercial auto insurance. It’s generally a legal requirement if you use your vehicle for business.



What is the Live Certificate?
The Live Certificate is the digital alternative to paper/downloaded Certificates of Insurance. It’s completely online proof of insurance which you can easily and instantly share with anyone, by email or through a link.
What is NEXT Insurance?
NEXT's mission is to help small businesses thrive. We provide simple, tailored and affordable a small business insurance for more than 1,300 types of businesses and self-employed workers. Whether you’re just starting a business or you’re expanding and need more protection, we offer customized insurance packages to fit your needs. We help business owners get covered with policies that are easy to buy in 10 minutes or less and provides 24/7 access to services. Our seamless services are backed by U.S.-based advisors who are ready to answer your questions.
What does Live Certificate cost?
It’s free to all Next Insurance customers. It’s also unlimited; send as many Live Certificates as you need, anytime.
Can I add an additional insured to my Live Certificate?
Yes! When you click "Share Proof of Insurance" from within the customer portal, you'll be asked if you need a general proof of insurance or one with a venue or client as additional insured. As soon as you input the details of the additional insured you're adding, you can add their email address and we'll send them over the certificate for you.
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