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Coverage options

GENERAL LIABILITY Bought by 95% of business owners like you
Get coverage for damages to third parties and basic risks in your industry. General liability protects a wide-range of incidents, from accidents to copyright infringement.
What is covered in general liability
Medical payments
Property damage
Advertising harm
Injury on your premises
PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY Bought by 80% of business owners like you
Protect your business and reputation from lawsuits and negligence claims. The specific coverage varies based on the industry, so Next tailors your coverage to what you need.
What is covered in professional liability
Financial Losses
Injuries from your professional mistakes
Advertising Copyright Infringement
Property damage from your professional mistakes
Pollution Liability
and OSHA Legal Expenses
WORKERS' COMPENSATION For business owners who hire employees
Cover your business and employees in case of accidents requiring medical attention while on the job. It inspires trust with your employees and protects you in case of emergency.
What is covered in workers' compensation
Medical Care
Lost Wages
Employee Death
Liability as an employer
What isn't covered in workers' compensation
Your employee has injuries that are self inflicted
Your employee has injuries sustained while committing a crime
violating company policies or not on the job.

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