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5 Reasons Why Nail Technicians Need Insurance

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May 17, 2018 min read

If you're a nail technician, you already have a lot you're thinking about when it comes to your business. You set your prices so that they're both fair to your customers and to you, make sure you have all the latest colors of polish, keep up on the latest in gel manicures, and make sure your paperwork and license are in order. You took a huge bet on your business when you went out on your own--a bet on your talents, your skills, even your ability to make small talk with clients.

You may be asking yourself: do I really need to spend my hard-earned money on insurance? Do I really need to bother with one more thing when running a business is already complicated and I'm already busy? We've written our top 5 reasons why nail technicians need insurance--and not just any insurance, but nail technician insurance, designed for you.

1. Prove You're Professional

Customers who come into your salon know to check for your license, to see if your polishes seem new, to make sure you sterilize your equipment. By having insurance and being able to show anyone your proof of your insurance, you show you're serious. And if you're an independent technician who might want to rent space in a salon, you might be required to carry insurance before you're allowed to rent space. One policy that covers you wherever you go allows you to check this box and get on your way.

2. Grow with Confidence

If you work in a salon and are offered a job doing a bride's nails with her bridal party at a hotel last minute, you might hesitate. What if something goes wrong? It's a space you're unfamiliar with, and you know you could be looking at a lawsuit if someone so much as trips on their way to an appointment with you--putting aside the threat of acetone or nail polish spilling. If you have solid nail insurance, you can go ahead and pick out your best polishes and supplies knowing that with insurance, you can focus on the job ahead of you without fear of what could go wrong. Without that fear, you're free to focus on making sure everything goes right. And you may even get to enjoy a glass of champagne!

3. Nail Injuries Can Be Serious

You don't have to look hard to find story after story of the threat and risk of nail salons. There are even stories of million dollar lawsuits after a client got and blamed on a nail salon--manicures and pedicures can easily go wrong and result in serious injury. Yours isn't a simple profession and it takes a lot of skill to be a great nail technician. That's why it's not worth risking everything.

Let's face it: every good nail technician has made mistakes. Maybe you cut a cuticle too short and a client started to bleed, or maybe you forgot to sterilize an instrument between customers and someone got a fungus they have to treat. Those are minor cases, but you can imagine that a nail clipper could slip and cause serious injury, or water in a pedicure bath could be too warm and burn a customer.

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Mistakes happen to even the most careful nail technicians, which is why it's a good idea to have a policy that covers injuries to clients, even if you hope never to have one. As they say, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"--this is one case where spending the money on a policy can be worth many times what you paid, even if you hope it never has to be.

4. It's Easy and Affordable

Gone are the days where your need for nail technician insurance meant you had to make an appointment with an agent and spend weeks filling out forms, wondering if you got the coverage that's right for you, or accidentally wound up with coverage you don't need, like for electrical work, or construction. With online insurance companies that have used technology to tailor policies for different professions, you can be covered in just a few minutes. And with monthly payments available and prices that are less than the cost of one manicure, the reasons why nail technicians need insurance start to add up fast--but not as fast as the potential costs of not having it.

5. Keep Ahead of the Competition

Anyone can buy a bottle of OPI or Essie but you're a professional. Staying ahead of the competition is a part of life and one way to do that is to reduce the number of things you have to worry about. If you have insurance, you'll still want to take precautions to be safe, sanitary and offer great service, but you can also focus on your business, including the fact that you're insured in marketing materials and mentioning it to clients who may call with questions about your business. Insurance is another way to set yourself apart.

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By Next Insurance Staff
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