Is vandalism covered by Commercial Property insurance?

Find out if vandalism is covered by commercial property insurance and learn about the appropriate actions to take in case of an incident to safeguard your business.

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Updated June 2, 2023.

Typically, yes, commercial property insurance can help cover damages caused by vandalism. However, each claim and situation is unique. It's important to read your insurance documents carefully.

How can Commercial Property insurance help?

The United States Department of Justice estimates vandalism to businesses and everyday people costs roughly $15 billion every year. So, coverage can help save money and keep your business operating.

With coverage in place, you can make sure your business property is protected from all kinds of damage caused by malicious behavior. This includes damage to:

  • Buildings
  • Equipment
  • Inventory

If you need to restore or replace business goods or structures, commercial property insurance can help cover them. Your policy will outline any exclusions, but in many cases, vandalism damages can be covered.

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What to do in cases of vandalism

Whether it's for graffiti, signage damage, broken windows or general property damage, there are several steps you should take when filing an insurance claim for vandalism:

  1. Notify the authorities and file a police report documenting the damage.
  2. Contact your insurance provider as soon as possible to report the incident (this will begin the claims process).
  3. Gather all the necessary documents and photographic evidence or written descriptions of what happened.
  4. Take steps to prevent any further damage, such as boarding up any broken windows or removing any safety hazards.

Protect your business from vandalism losses with NEXT

Damage from vandalism can be expensive, so it's vital to know that you're covered in the event of a claim. Business insurance that provides cover for vandalism can help your business and its assets, like inventory, stay protected.

With NEXT's help, you can get affordable, tailored commercial property insurance to help safeguard your business from costly repairs or shutdowns due to vandalism. Once you purchase coverage, you can share your certificate of insurance instantly with the NEXT app anytime, anywhere and for free. To view your options, simply apply online and get an instant quote in less than 10 minutes.

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