Are all contents covered by Commercial Property insurance?

Learn about the scope of coverage offered by commercial property insurance. Discover whether all your business assets and liabilities are protected.

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Updated June 2, 2023.

Simply put — no, not all business contents may be covered under commercial property insurance, and the coverage can vary depending on the policy and insured property type.

Types of contents covered by Commercial Property insurance

In commercial property insurance, contents typically refer to the business property and equipment that is necessary to run the business.

Here are some examples of what might be covered under each type of content:

  • Furniture and equipment, such as desks and computers.
  • Inventory, like goods for sale or packaging materials.
  • Machinery, for example, in manufacturing, could include conveyor belts.
  • Building improvements can include permanent improvements or additions made to the building, such as flooring.

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Damage and contents not covered by Commercial Property insurance

These may include:

  • High-value items, such as artwork or rare collections. Businesses with these items may need to purchase additional coverage or seek a specialized policy.
  • Intentional property damage caused by the business owner or employees may not be covered.
  • Flood or earthquake damage may not be covered, and businesses located in flood- or earthquake-prone areas can consider purchasing additional insurance.

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