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Next Insurance is a one-stop shop for business insurance. With our easy online platform, you can quickly get the coverage you need at an affordable price so you can focus on your work. Oh, and you’ll save 10% when you bundle two or more of our policies.

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How much does business insurance cost?

You can save up to 30% when you buy insurance with Next. The exact amount you pay will depend on:

  • The types of services you offer
  • Where you work
  • How many employees you have 
  • Vehicles you drive for work
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Frequently asked questions about business insurance

Can I add an additional insured to my insurance?

Yes. We know this is a common need to add an additional insured to your coverage, so we’ve given you the power to create certificates of insurance and add additional insureds for free.  Learn more about how certificates of insurance work with Next Insurance.

How does the claims process work with Next Insurance?

You can file a claim in a few steps, either online or over the phone. Call us as soon as an incident occurs at (855) 222-5919 to report what happened. One of our claims specialists will ask for details, so please be ready to tell us: the name your policy is under so we can find the right ones, where the incident happened, what the injured person was doing at the time and the type of injury sustained and details and contact information for everyone who was involved. A claim is created after you report this information and a claims advocate will be assigned to investigate your case to decide if it should be approved or denied. We strive to make claims decisions as quickly as possible so you can get back to focusing on your business. Check out our claims page for more details.