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How Much Does HVAC Business Insurance Cost?

Every HVAC contractor is different. As a result, there is no single HVAC insurance cost. Your specific quote and HVAC insurance cost will depend on where you’re located, the services you offer, and how many employees (if any) you have, among other factors.

While the cost of your HVAC contractor liability insurance might be different from that of a friend or competitor, there are some constants that every business buying their insurance from us can rely on. For one thing, you’ll always be able to make monthly payments so you never have to face a huge annual payment, and there’s no extra cost for choosing this option. Secondly, there are low deductibles on all HVAC contractor insurance policies. Your HVAC insurance cost includes unlimited certificates of insurance, even if you add an additional insured. Finally, you can choose your level of coverage to be sure that it fits your needs and your budget.

Having HVAC contractor insurance policies that are tailored to your needs means you’ll always have the coverage that you do need and no extras that only serve to drive your price up. While you can see some of what we offer below, the results will vary between businesses and it’s important to get a quote that is specific to you. That way you can choose the coverage and HVAC business insurance cost that make the most sense for your business.

How Much Does General Liability HVAC Insurance Cost?

General liability insurance costs most of our customers between $375-$650 annually, or $31-$54 per month.

General liability insurance for HVAC professionals can help reduce specific costs that you might face in the course of your work, including those related to the sort of accidents that are impossible to anticipate.

Perhaps you damage your client’s walls with your gear while taking your equipment back to the job site. Perhaps your client slipped on water the air conditioning leaked while you were working on it. Perhaps you posted a photo of work you’ve done in someone’s house without getting their prior permission and they sue you for invasion of privacy. General liability insurance could be relevant in situations like these, and many others.

It can include coverage for:
– People getting hurt, as long as they are not you or your employees
– Property being damaged
– Your being accused of causing harm through your words, whether written or spoken

Given that you are often working with appliances and electricity which can be fickle in the best of cases, general liability insurance is important to ensure that your business is covered, whatever comes your way.

Most of our customers pay: $375-$650 annually, or between $31-$54 per month
Per occurrence limit: $300,000-$1 million, depending on your policy
Aggregate policy limit: $300,000-$2 million, depending on your policy
Deductible: $0

How Mich Does Professional Liability HVAC Business Insurance Cost?

Professional liability insurance coverage for HVAC work is included in our Pro and Pro Plus plans, which start from $29/month. It’s not available as a separate policy, and can only be purchased as part of a package. We know that can be confusing.

There is one main reason we don’t sell professional liability insurance for HVAC work separately: the distinction between professional liability and general liability can be hard to understand, so we’d rather deal with that for you if you have a claim. It reduces the amount of time and energy you need to spend understanding your insurance, and increases your resources for your business.

Let’s move on to what professional liability insurance includes.While general liability insurance covers the costs you might incur from accidents that might happen with no connection to your work, like someone tripping over your supplies, professional liability insurance covers the work you did, and specifically, if someone is not happy with the work you did. For instance, if you repaired someone’s air conditioner poorly and it required another technician to come out and fix it again, your customer could file a professional liability claim.

Another aspect of professional liability to be aware of is that the claims are generally much smaller, which is also reflected in our policies. While someone getting injured or worse could result in a massive general liability lawsuit, professional liability claims generally require work to be redone, which is usually limited in cost. As a result, our general liability limits go up to $2 million, but professional liability is a maximum limit of $50,000. There’s no reason to pay extra for insurance you’re extremely unlikely to need.

Most of our customers pay: An additional 4-8% for this coverage, which is reflected in the total policy cost
Per occurrence limit: $0-$20,000, depending on your policy
Aggregate policy limit: $0-$50,000, depending on your policy
Deductible: $500

Choose the Plan that’s Right for You

starting from $29 per month


General Liability

$300,000 aggregate limit
$0 deductible

Professional Liability

Not included

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General Liability

$1,000,000 aggregate limit
$0 deductible

Professional Liability

$25,000 aggregate limit
$500 deductible

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Pro Plus

General Liability

$2,000,000 aggregate limit
$0 deductible

Professional Liability

$50,000 aggregate limit
$500 deductible

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What’s Covered by HVAC Work Insurance?

Bodily injury

Bodily injury

A client coming to check on your progress fixing their heating system trips over your tools and breaks their leg.
Libel, slander and defamation

Libel, slander and defamation

An employee bad-mouths a client on Facebook. The client finds out about it and sues you.
Property damage

Property damage

You drop heavy duty equipment inside your client's house on your way to check their cooling system. You accidentally damage their hardwood floor.
Medical payments

Medical payments

Someone gets injured at your work site and asks you to pay for medical expenses instead of suing you.
Court and legal fees

Court and legal fees

You need an attorney to defend against a lawsuit even though you did nothing wrong.

Air conditioning systems or equipment

Dealers or distributors
Sales and installation, servicing, or repair

Heating or combined heating and air conditioning systems or equipment

Dealers or distributors
Installation, servicing, or repair

What’s Not Covered by This Policy?

Liquid petroleum gas units

Sales, installation, service, or repair of LPG units
Work on LPG units

Other work

Refurbished equipment installation
Vent and duct cleaning
Sales, installation or repair of high pressure boilers
Insulation of buildings
This is a brief summary of your policy and does not supersede the policy documents. If you want full details, please contact us.

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