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6 ways NEXT's certificate of insurance can help your business

6 ways NEXT's certificate of insurance can help your business

By Matt Crawford
Jun 4, 2021
5 min read

Whether you’re trying to land a new client or seal the deal with a business partner, some people won’t do business with you unless they know you’re insured.

A certificate of insurance (COI) provides the proof they need to move forward.

That’s where NEXT comes in.

To get a COI the traditional way, you have to contact your broker or insurance company, let them know what you need and wait for them to send you a copy, which can sometimes take days. 

You might also be charged a fee to get your COI from some insurance providers. 

We know that small business owners are often tight on time and money, so we're always looking for a better way to serve them. 

That's why we created the NEXT Insurance live certificate. You can access it, send a copy to clients or business partners and work directly with them to make updates at any time. You can do it all within a couple of minutes from your online account. 

Here's how the NEXT live certificate can help you get your COI requirements met faster, so you can get back to business.

1. It’s instant

Getting a certificate of insurance the old-school way takes time. You have to get in touch with your broker or insurer and tell them about any changes or unique information it needs to include. 

Then you have to wait for them to send it to you, usually by email or mail. The process can take days or even weeks.

With NEXT, there's no waiting around. 

As soon as you purchase a policy, we automatically create your certificate of insurance, and it's available for you to share from your account with only a few clicks or download it whenever you want. 

You can also immediately add third parties who want to be listed on the COI. 

2. It’s live

Whenever you modify your coverage with us, your COI gets automatically updated so it's always accurate.

As your business grows and changes, your insurance needs will likely change too. 

With a traditional insurer, you would have to wait for them to update your insurance certificate and send you a new copy every time you make a change. 

Anyone who visits your live certificate can rest easy knowing it’s accurate up to the moment they’re looking at it.

3. It’s free

We never charge you fees for your COI, no matter how many copies you need or third parties you want to add.

Getting an initial COI from other traditional carriers usually won't cost you anything upfront. But if you need to make changes, such as adding an additional insured, you'll probably be charged a fee, which could set you back anywhere from $25 to $100. 

Listing additional insureds is free.

4. It’s unlimited

Do you need a slightly different COI to meet the needs of different clients or business partners who want to be listed as a certificate holder? No problem. 

Get as many COIs as you need as often as you need, no questions asked. 

5. It’s available 24/7

Being a small business owner is a 24/7 job. If it's more convenient for you to access your COI and share it with clients at 2 a.m. instead of 2 p.m., we've got you covered.

You don't have to get your COI during traditional business hours. It's available any time, day or night.

6. It's easy to answer third-party requests

There may be times when a client or business partner will ask to be listed as a certificate holder or have additional information added to the certificate. 

With our live certificate, when you share your COI with another person, they see the live certificate page. With just a few clicks, they can request any changes they want. 

The request goes straight to you in your online account and you choose whether to approve or deny it.

If you approve the changes, the certificate is automatically created and sent back to the requester. If you deny the changes, the requester receives an email telling them the changes aren't approved.

How NEXT protects small business owners

We’re a one-stop shop for small business insurance. 

You can get a quote in just a few minutes online and customize your insurance package with general liability, workers' compensation, professional liability, commercial auto or commercial property insurance.

Our DIY system makes it easy for you to review your coverage, make changes to your existing policies and get copies of your certificate of insurance at any time, from anywhere.

If you have questions, our licensed, U.S.-based insurance professionals are available to help.

Get a free, instant quote today.

6 ways NEXT's certificate of insurance can help your business


About the author
Matt Crawford is Associate Content Director at Next Insurance and a small business insurance specialist.
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