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How Much Does Roofing Insurance Cost?

It’s hard to say exactly how much roofers insurance costs, since it varies tremendously. Overall, your roofing insurance rates will depend on things like your exact line of work and the risks involved in what you do, as well as the services you provide, where you work, and how many people you employ. Each of these aspects of your work carries a different level of risk, which is what our roofing liability insurance costs are based on.

Roofing insurance costs can also vary because we offer more than one type of plan, which you can choose according to your particular business needs. Plus, each plan for our roofer insurance has different limits, deductibles and coverage.

What all of our policies do have in common, however, is their affordable price, in both what you’ll pay today and the total roofing insurance cost. For instance, if you choose to pay on a monthly basis, as opposed to annually, you can do that without any extra charges. In addition, we help keep your roofing insurance costs down by giving you the ability to download as many certificates of insurance as you want, anytime, instantly and for free. You can also add as many additional insureds as you like. All of these aspects come together to make buying your roofer insurance from Next Insurance fit right within your budget.

Below you’ll find information on some of our roofing liability insurance rates, and you can learn what kind of insurance a roofer needs. But since your work could vary so much from that of another professional, the best way to know what your roofers insurance cost will be is to fill out our online application and get a roofing insurance quote just for you.

How Much is Roofing Insurance for General Liability?

General liability insurance generally costs our customers between $1,247-$2,373 annually, or $104-$198 per month.
Your roofing insurance cost for general liability insurance is based on your particular business activities, where you operate and the number of people being covered, and other aspects of your business.

As the most basic type of insurance for roofers, general liability insurance can protect you from certain types of expenses. These could include:

  • Injuries to people other than you or your employees, which can lead to medical expenses and lawsuits
  • Damage to property which is blamed on your work or staff members
  • Claims that you’ve injured someone’s reputation, either verbally or through written words

Overall, we aim to keep your roofing liability insurance rates as affordable as possible, by eliminating any unnecessary coverage, and focusing only on the elements that are relevant to your precise line of work.

Most of our customers pay: $1,247-$2,373 annually, or between $104-$198 per month
Per occurrence limit: $300,000-$1 million, depending on your policy
Aggregate policy limit: $300,000-$2 million, depending on your policy
Deductible: $0

How Much is Roofer Professional Liability/Errors and Omissions Insurance?

Roofing professional liability insurance starts at $50/month and relates to the work that you do as a roofer.

Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions insurance, is connected specifically to your role as a roofer, and the work you do as a roofer. In the case of professional liability insurance for roofers, that could mean mistakes specific to your profession like poorly laid shingles that blew off in the wind and need to be replaced, or if you failed to properly seal a roof and there was a rainstorm, so now everything needs to be redone.

At Next Insurance, we offer professional liability insurance for roofers as part of our Pro and Pro Plus insurance plans. That is, roofer professional liability insurance can only be purchased as part of an overall package, with the price being included in the roofing insurance quote you’ll get online.

The reason we do it this way is to keep it simple for you. For starters, it means you conveniently have all of your liability insurance in one place, on one policy, and with just one roofing insurance cost to handle. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the exact nature of a claim, determining if a claim is against your general or professional liability insurance. You just file and let us figure it out.

Most of our customers pay: An additional 4-8% for this coverage, which is reflected in the total policy cost
Per occurrence limit: $0-$20,000, depending on your policy
Aggregate policy limit: $0-$50,000, depending on your policy
Deductible: $500

Choose the Plan that’s Right for You

starting from $69 per month


General Liability

$300,000 aggregate limit
$0 deductible

Professional Liability

Not included

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General Liability

$1,000,000 aggregate limit
$0 deductible

Professional Liability

$20,000 aggregate limit
$500 deductible

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Pro Plus

General Liability

$2,000,000 aggregate limit
$0 deductible

Professional Liability

$50,000 aggregate limit
$500 deductible

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What’s Covered by Roofer Insurance?

Bodily injury

Bodily injury

A tool falls off the roof and injures a client.
Advertising harm

Advertising harm

Someone sues you for improper use of images in your advertising.
Libel, slander and defamation

Libel, slander and defamation

An employee bad-mouths a client on Facebook and the client sues you.
Property damage

Property damage

Your ladder damages the side of the client's home.
Medical payments

Medical payments

Someone gets injured at your work site and asks you to pay for medical expenses instead of suing you.
Court and legal fees

Court and legal fees

You need an attorney to defend against a lawsuit even though you did nothing wrong.


Performed on buildings three stories and under
Can be done on buildings for commercial, residential or industrial purposes
Installing protective covering placed on top of structure
Repairing protecting covering on all types of roofs

Materials can include


Other residential operations

Re-roofing or roof repairs
Incidental shop work, such as fabrication work in the shop

What’s Not Covered by This Policy?

Types of structures

Residential buildings over three stories in height
Buildings used for both commercial and residential purposes
Apartment conversions to, or construction work involving, condominiums, town homes or time share
New homes in tracts or subdivisions of more than 10 homes (including all phases) prior to attaining a certificate of occupancy
Work on new mobile home parks containing more than 10 spaces (including all phases)

Types of work

Hot tar roofing application
Hot work (welding, soldering, cutting, brazing, grinding, torch down roofing, and any other open flame work)
The erection of framework, joists, and roof decking
Exterior work more than 6 feet below ground or 30 feet (3 stories) above ground
Foundation work
This is a brief summary of your policy and does not supersede the policy documents. If you want full details, please contact us.

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