How to start a green cleaning business

How to start a green cleaning business

Karen Solomon
By Karen Solomon
Oct 23, 2023
4 min read

Small businesses and commercial clients need cleaning services, and many of them want to keep healthy and make an environmental contribution — and also support other local small businesses like yours along the way.

Launching your own eco-friendly cleaning business could be a steady source of revenue and an excellent way to set yourself apart from the competition. Specialty eco-friendly cleaning could also mean you can charge a premium for the value-added service.

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The benefits of a green cleaning business

To stand out from the competition you need a twist with added value.

Many commercial spaces want to move away from harsh cleaning chemicals and embrace more natural alternatives such as vinegar and baking soda. The goal is to help create a less-toxic atmosphere for customers and workers.

When you create an eco-friendly business, you can assure customers that your services are:

  • More sustainable.
  • Healthier for your customers (and workers).
  • Less damaging to the environment.

Differences between commercial cleaning and green cleaning businesses

Several elements can help distinguish your eco-friendly cleaning business, including:

  • The types of cleaning products you use. Eco-friendly cleaning products are free from toxic chemicals. Dozens of companies make everything from dish soap to laundry detergent, disinfectants to floor cleaners, all using environmentally-sound ingredients. You can also make cleaners yourself with common ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, lemons, essential oils and more to scrub any surface clean.
  • The prestige of a premium service. Green cleaning products can be more expensive (and perhaps less available in bulk). In many cases you will be able to charge clients a premium for your specialized service.
  • The quality of the end results. Clients pay you to clean their business and they expect excellent work. Test all products and cleaning techniques thoroughly before using them at a customer site. Green products should clean just as well as traditional products, and leave a great clean scent that customers like.
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How to market your green cleaning business

Marketing can help your eco-friendly cleaning business stand out in a crowded cleaning space.

You offer toxin-free cleanliness. This is huge for people with chemical sensitivities, businesses that cater to children or the elderly, anyone with allergies, or health-minded people that don’t wish to breathe in bleach or other harsh scents. Use this messaging to your advantage in your marketing communications.

First, create a company slogan and logo. To fit your eco-friendly status, the color green can help emphasize what makes you special.

Your marketing should make it clear that you use only eco-friendly cleaning products and the benefit this can offer customers. For example:

  • On your company blog or Instagram page, highlight the different products you use and take pictures of the ingredients list.
  • Promote the advantages of an environmentally-conscious lifestyle.
  • If you print business cards, make sure the toxin-free appeal of green cleaning is front and center.

As part of a holistic approach, make sure you have cleaning business insurance. This enables you to focus on growing your business. Plus, it shows customers you’re a serious business, supported by responsible insurance.

You may also want to update your business plan. An eco-friendly cleaning business requires thoughtful marketing, products, employee training and pricing. It’s always good to get those details down on paper to track your tasks and growth.

How NEXT helps protect your green cleaning business

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Karen Solomon
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Karen Solomon is a Senior Content Marketing Editor for NEXT. Her writing and editing has been serving small business owners and startups for several years.
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