Do personal trainers need a Business Owner’s Policy?

Learn how a business owner's policy (BOP) can help protect personal trainers.

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Published June 4, 2023.

A business owner's policy (BOP) is often recommended for personal trainers. Trainers may be blamed if a client gets injured during a session even if they're not at fault. For example, if a client injures themselves by dropping weights on their foot or damages gym equipment. Both the client and gym owner, respectively, may seek to hold the trainer liable for the incurred expenses.

Such scenarios are why personal trainers should consider a BOP.

How a BOP can help personal trainers

This insurance usually combines general liability and commercial property into one handy package and can provide coverage in these key areas:

  • Injury liability
  • Property damage

Why a BOP is important for personal trainers

Having a sound policy in place can help protect your brand, bottom line and reputation. It can help in the following cases:

  • Paying out damages for training-related bodily injuries
  • Covering legal fees in case you're sued for third-party injury or property damage
  • Providing an income when covered events cause you to temporarily shut down, such as stolen training equipment or a damaged building
  • Defending against allegations of advertising mistakes or falsehoods through litigation, such as clients claiming your supplements allergens didn't match advertising

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How NEXT can help protect personal trainers

A BOP offers essential coverage to help protect your personal training business and your clients. For an even more inclusive option, you can look at personal trainer insurance, which includes professional liability and workers' comp coverage on top of a BOP's policies.

With NEXT, you can explore your business insurance options and add and adjust policies to suit your needs. Simply apply online and get an instant quote in less than 10 minutes. You can also get your certificate of insurance once you've purchased coverage and share it 24/7 with the NEXT app. This means you can focus on your business with less worry.

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