Do online tutors need a Business Owner's Policy?

Discover why online tutors need a business owner's policy (BOP). Learn how it mitigates risks, offers financial protection and promotes business continuity.

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Published June 5, 2023.

Even though you work online, your tutoring business still faces risks that can be mitigated with a business insurance policy (BOP).

What risks do online tutors face?

Your online tutoring business can still be susceptible to third-party claims. This can refer to:

  • Accidents and injuries: Your student gets hurt during an online class, and they request that you cover the medical costs.
  • Property damage: A science experiment goes wrong and damages your student's laptop. They sue you to cover repair or replacement costs.
  • Defamation: You use a student's picture and personal story for a before-and-after piece to promote your services. Your student sues you for reputational harm.

You also need to protect yourself and your business operations. This can refer to:

  • Equipment damage and theft: The essential gear you need gets damaged in a house fire or gets stolen during a break-in, and you need to replace this equipment.
  • Business income interruption: You need help covering your business expenses because your business operations have to stall unexpectedly for a while.

Because BOP is a combination of general liability insurance and commercial property insurance, this policy can help protect you against these risks.


Consider adding these policies to your online tutor insurance:

  • Professional liability insurance: If a student blames their academic setbacks on your teaching methods, you can cover legal fees.
  • Cyber insurance: You can respond quickly if your students' personal information gets leaked due to a cyberattack.

Benefits of having BOP for online tutors

  • Financial protection BOP can be a buffer against potential lawsuits or claims, especially those arising from bodily injury or property damage from business activities.
  • Cost savings BOP bundles two insurance policies and can result in lower premiums than if you purchased each policy separately.
  • Ensure business continuity BOP can help make sure your business doesn't come to a standstill. Whether this is because the equipment you need to do your daily work gets damaged or stolen or because your business has to close temporarily, you can still keep tutoring.

Tutor insurance tailored to your business

While tutoring online might not be risk-free, BOP can help you to actively manage these risks.

NEXT is committed to helping small businesses. We can offer you affordable insurance packages tailored specifically to your online tutoring business. For an instant quote, simply answer a few questions online. Once you've purchased your coverage, you can instantly access your certificate of insurance and share it with others via the NEXT app.

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