Do repair shops accept insurance claims for business vehicles?

Learn if repair shops accept insurance claims for business vehicles and explore options for quick and reliable repairs to get your vehicles back on the road.

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Updated May 30, 2023.

Business owners who have commercial auto insurance for their business vehicles often wonder whether their chosen repair shops will accept insurance claims or if they need to pay for repairs out of their pocket and file for reimbursement from their insurer later.

Repairing business vehicles in a timely manner is crucial to ensure the vehicles are back on the road as soon as possible. Delayed repairs can impact business operations and even result in losing revenue.

Luckily, several repair shops accept insurance claims for business vehicles. However, the specific policies and procedures for submitting insurance claims for business vehicle repairs can differ depending on the insurance provider and the repair shop.

Which factors do repair shops consider before accepting insurance claims?

There are several factors that can influence whether a repair shop accepts insurance claims for business vehicles. For example, some repair shops only accept claims from certain insurance providers.

The type of damage, age and condition of the vehicle and cost of repairs can also impact whether a repair shop will accept an insurance claim.

What can I do if a repair shop doesn't accept insurance claims?

There are alternatives for repairing business vehicles, such as:

  • Mobile repair services: Some repair services will come to your location to perform repairs, which can be convenient for business owners.
  • Dealerships: Business owners can take their vehicles to a dealership for repairs, especially if the vehicle is still under warranty.
  • Independent mechanics: Some independent mechanics may accept insurance claims for business vehicles and can offer more personalized service.

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