Photographer, New York

“When I told them I designed it, people started placing orders.”

Robert Pauley

Photographer, New York

I worked in Finance for 10 years. I did everything from sales, strategy, business management and project management. I even lived in Hong Kong on assignment for 3 years. One of the last roles I had was a consulting job and I travelled every week for two years. One day I woke up and hit the snooze on my alarm 3 times and at that point decided to quit and pursue my entrepreneurial endeavors.

Before deciding to quit, I designed and manufactured a men’s coat that I wanted to wear myself. When I started wearing the coat people stopped me on the street and asked me where did I get it from. When I told them I designed it, people started placing orders. As I started to take on more clients, I wanted to put out a lookbook with my designs so my partner and I bought a camera and shot the look book ourselves. When people saw the lookbook they asked who created it and again we started to get business from people but this time for our photography work.

I have been running both businesses for a year and a half and have done 3 runway shows (in New York, Atlanta and Chicago) and have had my photography work featured in Out Magazine, Lapalme Magazine, DuChamp London’s website and I have worked with big companies like and New York Life Insurance.


Robert Pauley, Professional Photographer


I love designing coats for men because I know, like me, there are so many men that are looking for the perfect coat that fits their personality and I am happy that I can give them a product that makes them feel so good. With my photography, I feel like I am leaving my mark on history by creating legacy images that people will share with their family and friends and be able to pass them down to their loved ones forever.

I could have never run my businesses successfully without the training from my years in Finance. But I am learning so much and meeting so many new people through these businesses and I love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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