Handyman Services, Georgia

"It’s about turning everything that we have seen and experienced in our fields of work that was bad into something great."

Michael and Tiffany Rusgrove

Handyperson, Georgia

We’re both high school dropouts who had really harsh upbringings. Steady work and income become a priority for us both as soon as we were able to work.

Michael began working in construction at a very young age – following in the man’s shoes that raised him, who he respectfully considers his father. Tiffany began working in the restaurant industry at the age of 15 and managed a large chain restaurant at 17, before she was legally allowed to do so. Both of us hit the ground running, knowing that hard work and persistence would ultimately take us places, long from where we both had came from. After many mishaps, the Rusgroves met at Tiffany’s place of employment where their relationship took off and resulted in a well-rounded marriage.


Michael and Tiffany Rusgrove, Handyman Service


At the beginning of 2017 we decided that the “one day dream” we had always had of wanting to have our own business had to stop being talked about and we had to do something. Unfortunately, Tiffany got sick and “the dream” once again become just that. Late in 2017, we decided to focus all of our extra time and energy in learning as much as possible to make this happen. We launched full-time in October, 2018!

Today, Tiffany manages everything you can possibly think of while raising 3 kids at home and supporting her husband. She was raised around construction and understands the demand for high quality services. Most nights we only get 4 or so hours of sleep before we start all over again.


Michael and Tiffany Rusgrove, Handyman Services, Georgia


We know we have great services to offer and that the both of us together turn average, everyday projects into beautiful masterpieces. The drive that we installed into ourselves at such a young age has shown that the insecurities we once had about being able to do this were totally off. We started to invest in ourselves, and as we were invested into our dream, that is now a reality. We are so excited to be building a brand that is entirely different than most people have experience in construction.

I think our favorite challenge within the workforce of this business is working on a complex project that another contractor messed up and seeing those customers smile and truly being happy with what they wanted. The other challenges has been put into place bit by bit, through a lot of prayers and lots of late nights going through everything to make sure we had everything together as best as we knew how.


Professional Handyman Service, Georgia


For us it really isn’t about being our own boss, building up huge bank accounts or having prideful mindsets. It’s about building our employees up by paying them good wages and treating them like real people. It’s about providing services to other people who need someone to rely on. It’s about turning everything that we have seen and experienced in our fields of work that was bad into something great. All in a great days worth of work and a lot of future planning.

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