Certified Personal Trainer, New Jersey

“Fitness is just one part of the equation. Mind, body and spirit have to be in equilibrium to achieve optimum health.”

Lenora Colarusso

Personal Trainer, New Jersey

The other night I discussed with my students the impact that meditation, yoga and fitness has had in my life.

It was extremely emotional for me talking about where I have come from…it started when my brother, who served in Vietnam committed suicide when I was nine years old. From that time, my PTSD was so severe that it led me down a path of destruction of my body and mind.

Besides the many issues that I was riddled with bulimia had to be the worst, trying to get rid of all the pain in me by throwing up. I also had a major car accident that left me with a serious hearing loss, a fractured skull and a damaged facial nerve. Both my hearing and some movement of my face were never healed. The emotional toll this took on me was something I felt I could never grasp and feel peace. The truth is that even though my bulimia ended when I was 22 (6 long years almost at death’s door emotionally and physically), the highs and lows in my moods and behavior lasted until I was into my late 30’s, that is until I found that precious connection to food, mind and body. When my blood sugar was stabilized my moods were stabilized..then I was given a gift of working with a spiritual adviser for my 39th birthday. It was a game changer. I went for a weekend retreat, and for a lack of better words I was “thrown into meditation” but I took to it like a duck to water, and I was sent off with my meditation cassette with Deepak Chopra’s instructions and my mantra given for me specifically (one that I still use to this day). I had my 5 children to take care of, ages 7-14, but was determined to get this meditation “thing” down. I would listen in the big ol conversion van while the kids were in karate. I would listen while the kids were in football, whenever I could. I would be a “meditation expert”. I got certified in Hatha yoga, again the connection that I felt with the asanas was like I had practiced my whole life.


Lenora Colarusso, Personal Trainer, New Jersey


At 30 I got certified in fitness and have always worked out for as long as I could remember but not in the most healthy of mindsets. The yoga and meditation and consciousness that I achieved from the two changed my whole thinking of my fitness aspect. Fitness is just one part of the equation. Mind, body and spirit have to be in equilibrium to achieve optimum health.

Since then I have healed my mental anxieties, kept my PTSD at bay, and my highs and lows from food using meditation, fitness and yoga as my medication. I have so much gratitude for this that I often cannot speak of this precious gift without crying. Now my life mission is to share this gift to whoever would like to hear, and I am so beyond grateful for the gift that it has given me…literally my life.


Lenora Colarusso, Certified Personal Trainer


I also know that it has not been a linear path, there certainly have been choices and upsets that have happened in the past 15 years but I “collect myself” admit the mistake, do whatever I have to do to make amends, forgive myself and move on…before my practice that would have been impossible.

Yoga, fitness and meditation can cost nothing but have given me life, they have given me happiness, stability in my emotions. Being conscious of my words and actions is truly a gift.

Teaching yoga and fitness gives me this gift of gratitude that goes beyond the ego it comes from my very soul…

The pictures of myself now are ones of love for myself …love for all of my imperfections for they have shown me the path to where I am now.

This post was not for anything more than to share my immense love and gratitude for the gift of meditation, yoga, fitness and my students and clients who fill me with so much love every time I teach or train.

With love, light, peace and so much gratitude…

Look out for Lenora’s new podcast, _It’s a New Dawn 4U_, and her new website,, both coming soon!

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