Licensed General Contractor, Alabama

"I was put to the test. And by the Grace of God, I didn’t give up."

Kenneth McConaghy

General Contractor, Alabama

I’m 43 years Old. I joined the US Army right out of high school. Did four years, was honorably discharged. I had worked building banks in the summertime and winter vacation. After my service, I had no one to help me out and I didn’t learn how to do much that you could do as a civilian, so I worked a bunch of odd end jobs.

I had a car that barely made it up Montesano Mountain to go to a party and it broke down. I really had no place to live and stayed at my friend’s apartment that weekend. And up on the Mountain without a ride, I had to do something so I went to the apartment office and asked if they were hiring. They were looking for an in-house painter. The stars had aligned, as I had been staying in the projects. This place was like 90210.

I did it for a year. Met a girl who’d just graduated from Auburn, she got into Medical school at UAB, and I had a hard time finding full time work. I was very ambitious, and I got hired on at the Alabaster Limestone Plant as an Electrician apprentice, but got shocked after about six months. Add to that, I got into the car business selling cars, and worked my way up to Finance, then Used Car Manager, then New Car Manager. By the time I reached Service Manager, I woke up at 40 years old and wasn’t happy.  I had listened to Steve Harvey’s motivational speech about jumping if you’re not happy — and I did it — I jumped. It was rough, and after about eight months of doing nothing really a friend of mine hired me and told me about getting roofing jobs, as his brother had a business in another city. So we went out and started getting roofing jobs. So we started rocking and rolling.


Kenneth McConaghy, General Contractor, Alabama


Anyway, my friend had gotten sick and by the end of November, I hadn’t seen a check in 6 weeks and didn’t have gas money. I was just waiting on my friend to get better which didn’t happen. The power company called and said if I didn’t pay my bill, the power would be shut off. My power got cut off December 2nd and I went without power until January 12th.

Basically, the only thing I did for those 6 weeks was study the business. Every aspect of the different kinds of General Contractor advertisements, and who was who. I studied different jobs and what they consist of, and listened and watched stories of how the better ones became successful. I would charge my phone in my car, just me and my dogs Neiko and Bella, which are Siberian Huskies, it was freezing.

And being alone with the dogs, I decided that no matter what, I wouldn’t let no one else’s actions control my destiny. January 12th I got my business license. I finally got a hold of one person that said “yes” and I got my first job on the 14th of January, and a couple of weeks later another job. I totally ruined my good credit in those couple of months. Almost lost my car and everything. But the Lord wouldn’t let me give up.

Also, I’m an alcoholic that hasn’t had a drink since November 8th, 2014. I was put to the test. And by the Grace of God, I didn’t give up.



So instead of going back to roofs which I had been familiar with, I opened it up into Renovations. I had been a painter before and a good one, and I had done so many odd jobs.

I finally got caught up in March, and then my business went into hibernation for 6 weeks. I said to myself if I’m not successful at this it’s my fault, as I’ve been blessed to have two feet legs, arms, and a mouth. Before I got out of bed, my phone rings and it’s a guy I talked to about his roof at the end of the year before. I told him I could take care of him, and that I actually have my own Renovations company now. And he went on to ask if about a hot water line that busted flooded his downstairs — if I could take care of it. I said Yes Sir, and then someone else called, who I’d helped get his father’s roof approved last year.

So I’m still sitting in bed and instead of God telling me to get back in the car business, instead, He said: “You’re right where you’re supposed to be.”

Anyway, that’s my story. And how All Pro Renovations came to Helena, Alabama. And I’ve been busy every day since. Thanks!

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