Certified Fitness Instructor, Texas

"Everyday, I get to change lives by sculpting people’s minds and bodies and teaching them to love themselves."

Kattie Alberty

Fitness Instructor, Texas

My whole life I dreamed of Denise Austin, seriously. I had no idea how to become like her, I just knew I wanted her job. After years of trying different majors in college, I finally settled for a BA in Liberal Studies, to accompany the Yoga teacher certification I’d start working on in 2013! What a journey! Who knew I could love yoga so much and teach it as a job? Not quite fitness at first, but it opened many doors for me.


Certified Fitness Instructor, Kattie Alberty

As a teenager I was plagued with an eating disorder known as exercise bulimia, any time I ate food, I’d workout to burn off all the calories. When I was 16 I discovered yoga and it’s mentally calming powers. The gentle movement fulfilled my mental need for exercise even though it was light, but also calmed my mind and made things better. Into adulthood, I was cured of the eating disorder that ruled my life.


Fitness Instructor, Texas - Kattie Alberty

I love that I can now share that healing with my clients. But since becoming free of my disorder, I have allowed myself to dive back into other exercise. I went through Pilates, aerial, barre and cycling trainings to become certified and now I am a proud teacher of all of these wonderful formats. Everyday, I get to change lives by sculpting people’s minds and bodies and teaching them to love themselves. I also have three daughters and I love being motivating positive influence in their lives.

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