PT, Colorado

"I love what I do because it’s about helping my clients discover their own potential and helping them bring back their YAY!"

Halcyon (Hally) Paulson

Personal Trainer, Colorado

My name is Hally Paulson. I am a certified personal trainer, Barre instructor and mindset coach. I specialize in helping women find confidence and freedom by helping them exchange body image & comparison for joy and gratitude as their motivation to move their bodies and eat well. My clients lose weight and gain muscle but more than that, they learn who they are and learn how to live their lives with freedom, joy and confidence. I don’t just help people get fit, I help them live and love their lives and make a positive impact on everyone else around them!

I’ve been an athlete my whole life: I played soccer growing up, swam at the National level in college and ran track during the off-season. I also danced in my school’s repertory dance group in college.


Certified Personal Trainer in Colorado

After college I wasn’t working out every day with a team and I started gaining weight and feeling ashamed of my body. So I stopped eating. I lost a ton of weight, thought I looked great and people told me I was beautiful.

I thought that my looks determined my worth. What a lie! My eating disorder was never officially diagnosed, but if I’m honest with myself, that’s exactly what it was. After about a year of barely eating, I was walking to a friends house and the thought crossed my mind, “I can’t keep doing this.” I started eating again and began the slow process of teaching myself to workout on my own, without a team telling me when and where and how.

I learned that moving can be fun! The treadmill at the gym is NOT the only option. And I learned that consciously being grateful for the way my body moves is the best motivation to workout.


Personal Training, Colorado
I call this strategy “moving for joy” because I believe that joy truly is our strength and my story has proven that’s true. My journey lead me to creating Playful Fitness. It has given me the tools to be a guide and a resource to help other people on their own journeys. Through Playful Fitness my clients not only lose weight but they also find worth that is far deeper looks, they find deep joy in moving, they gain full health and gain solid confidence.

We don’t just stop at changing the world client by client though. At Playful Fitness, we believe that joy is greater when it’s shared. That’s why 10% of all proceeds goes to our partner organization (Dream Center’s Mary’s Home) which is a comprehensive, 5-year program that helps victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking recover & heal mentally, physically and emotionally.

I love what I do because it’s about helping my clients discover their own potential and helping them bring back their YAY!


Personal Training in Colorado
Success Stories:
Just this last month I’ve had a client lose 16 lbs but what she wants to talk about most is how much joy she has in her life that she didn’t have before.

Another client said: I am so thankful for Hally and Playful Fitness.  Hally truly puts the joy in exercise! She is always encouraging and her classes are always different and upbeat.  One of my favorite things about Hally’s coaching is she really tailors her plan to your personal needs and will work directly with you to find what works for you.  She understands that we are all unique individuals and doesn’t just throw a one size fits all diet/exercise plan at you. I love working with her and she has made my workouts something to look forward to.

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