Gary Requa, Professional Photographer

"Over the years, I learned what worked best for me and the client."

Gary Requa

Photographer, Washington state

I have a real estate photography business that has been in business now for almost 15 years.  It all started when I was a realtor working for a local company in the area. I had been a photographer for a few years prior to this and did mostly landscape type photography.  A friend in the office asked me to take some photos of his new property that he was listing and I jumped at the chance.

I hadn’t had much if any experience on doing interior style photography let alone the lighting techniques involved so I winged it.  The camera that I used was one of the first digital DSLR’s available and wasn’t much, but it did the job and I was able to do a relatively satisfactory job for him.  From that point on, I started promoting myself and getting referrals from realtors that over time helped build the business that I have today.


Gary Requa, Landscape Photography


I made some mistakes along the way which helped me evolve.  I started learning different techniques and software tools that helped in my workflow.  Over the years, I learned what worked best for me and the client.

I now have a business that incorporates, stills, video, and aerial photography.  I have not forgotten about the landscape photography and still go out when time allows to get those beautiful mountain and scenery type shots. I have had many comments to the effect that I can take an ordinary scene and make something beautiful out of it.

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