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Developer integration guide.


1. Prefill Request

Please refer the following document for the detailed prefill API specification


Pre-filled Application API

  • Partner shall parse and store value of query parameter pre_fill_request as prefill_request_id to be passed with subsequent requests from the response URL 

Sample Request

curl --location --request POST 'http://{host}/affiliates/{AFILLIATE_NAME}/pre_filled_link' \
--header 'signature: <signature>' \
--header 'timestamp: 1652927165000' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "partnerRequestId": "PARTNER-customerId", <- 1:1 mapping with biz
    "firstName": "John",
    "lastName": "Smith",
    "phone": "123-4567899",
    "email": "",
    "policyType": ["GL","WC"],
    "businessName": "JohnSmith-BusinessName",
    "customerId": "PARTNER-customerId",     "address": "1601 Trapelo Rd",
    "city": "Waltham",
    "stateCode": "MA",
    "zip": "01545",
    "yearBusinessStarted": "2020-06-14",
    "annualPayroll": "4325660",
    "annualRevenue": "2000000"


Sample Response

  “url”: “{numerical_id}&coverages=[%22GL%22,%22WC%22]&pft={pft_token_generated_by_NEXT}&pre_fill_request={prefill_request_id_string_issued_by_NEXT}”,
  “status”: “SUCCESS”

2. Launch Request

On performing the below launch request in browser, Partner will be redirected to the Next Connect funnel.


Please refer to the signature generation section for further information about generating the signature parameter.


  • partner_request_id: partnerRequestId passed in api call 1 above 
  • customer_id is same as the customerId passed in the prefill request API, the unique Id of Partner’s customer
  • prefill_request_id is the id parsed by Partner from the response of prefill request API
  • partner_source is the source from which the launch request originated
  • Partner_campaign_id is the param to pass campaign id used on Partner side
  • Partner_ab is param to pass any ab test in play on Partner side
  • signature is the signature generated using appKey and timestamp
  • timestamp is the UTC timestamp


Sample Request



Sample Response

NEXT funnel will be launched as an HTML page

3. Posting Status Updates To Partner (API Provided by Partner)

Partner will have an POST API that accepts the status updates from NEXT. Following will be the payload that NEXT will send to PARTNER for status updates on the policy.

Sample Request

partnerRequestId”: <unique partnerRequestId used in pre fill app generation>,
status”: “<STATUS_ENUM_VALUE>”


Sample Response

Response code of 200 should be returned for Success
For failure, please follow standard the HTTP status codes


Following are the values that statuses can assume



4.  Embedding Next Insurance iFrame

  • Add the snippet into your html code where you want the Next Insurance iFrame to appear
  • For production please use as the script domain
  • data-env=”sandbox” is only used for testing and should be removed in production
  • More instructions at 


<div class=“next-insurance-button”
    data-signature=“#Signature key#”
    data-timestamp=“#Long timestamp#”
    data-pft=“#pft token received from prefill api response#” – this is optional
    data-pfr=“#pre_fill_request received from prefill api response#”  this is optional
    data-partner-request-id=“#LegalZoom’s customer id which gets sent in prefill request#”>
<script src=“”></script>

Signature generation

Next will provide api keys specific to each environment that can be used for signature generation. Signature is passed in the api headers. Please follow the instructions in this doc to generate the signature.


We will review and follow Partner’s security implementation for status updates




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