Can you get Liquor Liability insurance for a one-off event?

Liquor liability insurance can help protect your business from any unforeseen circumstances if you're involved in the alcohol segment.

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Updated May 31, 2023.

Liquor Liability insurance with NEXT is designed for continuous coverage at food service businesses. If you are looking for coverage for a one-off event, you should consider other options.

Why is Liquor Liability insurance important?

If you serve alcohol, it's also important to consider your potential risks, including:

  • Property damage: Customers who become overly intoxicated may cause damage to property where the event is held or the surrounding area, leading to costly repairs and legal action.
  • Liability for third-party actions: If a customer who has consumed alcohol leaves the event and causes an accident or injury, your business can be held liable for those actions.
  • Injuries: An intoxicated guest may knock someone over, leading to an injury and making your business vulnerable to a lawsuit or medical expenses.

Liquor liability insurance can help shield your business from financial losses if you experience one of these risks.

It's a type of liability insurance designed for businesses that serve, sell or manufacture alcohol. Dram shop laws in some states require businesses involved in alcohol sales or distribution to have liquor liability insurance. The law also extends to businesses that host events or parties. So, you can be held accountable for injuries or property damage.

It's important to consider purchasing liquor liability insurance even in the case of a one-off event. Also called host liquor liability insurance, this can help your business cover legal costs and associated expenses up to the coverage limit. Host liquor liability insurance can also cover social hosts who aren't in the business of manufacture, sale, and distribution of alcohol.

While NEXT currently doesn't have host liquor liability insurance, you can look at our related offerings, such as liquor liability and entertainment insurance coverage.

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