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Kfar Saba, Israel

Software Architect

As a Software Architect at Next-Insurance, you will lead complex software projects and affect the System’s Architecture simultaneously bottom-up, and top-down. You are clearly hands-on and enjoy tackling the more challenging pieces of software. At the same time, you understand the organization – how it operates, and how to operate it.

We’re big fans of Lean Startup – so Architects have the additional challenge of how to promote MVPs and Lean Experimental Architecture, while also caring and thinking on the System in the long-term.

You will work closely with engineering teams on various projects, with Product Managers, Insurance Experts, BI, and any other party that would be relevant. You will gain and maintain a deep understanding of the System and the Business – allowing you to find leverages of making a real impact.

You will have opportunities to mentor engineers and managers, and assist in building a healthy and advanced Engineering Culture.

Desired Skills and Experience:

Passionate about delivering remarkable software to impact the lives of real people

Experience building large scale, complex Web-Systems.

Experience working in a startup / SaaS product - a clear advantage.

Experience working in a mature organization - an advantage.

Hands-on, extensive experience writing code and tests.

Ability to find a good and balanced solution for complex problems :)

A true believer in simplicity over cleverness.

Ability to simplify complex ideas and communicate them clearly to various audiences.

Experience with Lean-Startup, TDD, TCR, DDD, managing complex business logic - an advantage.

Ability to drive initiatives that are not code-oriented, e.g. forming new engineering processes, from inception to running reliability without the initiator.

Ability to be hands-off, eyes-on, and affect initiatives not owning.

A believer in team-work and a positive atmosphere