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Kfar Saba, Israel

Backend Engineering Manager

As a Backend Engineering Manager, you will lead and grow backend developers and work with the latest backend technologies and programming languages. We're big fans of Lean Startup, testable code and automation, and we deliver to production several times a day via our CI / CD pipeline. You will work closely with other functional areas in the company - Product, BI, and Marketing in order to rapidly iterate on our product and find the best solutions to the challenges we face. You will take ownership of projects end-to-end, from inception through design, managing tasks, and priorities, reviewing code and managing rollout of features to customers.

Desired Skills and Experience:

Passionate about delivering amazing software to impact the lives of real people

Loves learning and open to un-learn when things change. And you probably already learned and gained experience with at least 3 of the following: micro-services, AWS, SQL, Kubernetes, Dropwizard/Spring Boot, TDD

Believes that strong foundations are a must, and already learned Computer Science, OOP and been a master of the craft as a developer and a team leader with hands-on experience

A gardener in mind - knows how to seed, grow and nurture - people and code

Loves working closely with Product Managers, even when they are not so close (our product team is in the US)

A believer in team-work and quick iterations - an Agile practitioner

Someone that is fun to work with, especially when things are fast-paced and dynamic

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