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Chris Butsch


Insurance, Personal Finance, Investing


Engineering and Project Management from Vanderbilt University


  • Named a “Best Voice in Finance” by Motley Fool


Chris’s unique approach to his work merges personal finance with positive psychology, that is, the science of happy living. He has authored and co-authored two acclaimed books on happiness and leadership, respectively. Additionally, Chris has helped teams in the workplace and higher ed run more effectively, maximize their strengths, and break down communication barriers. Chris lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his partner Holly and his sweet rescue dog, Joy.

Quote From Chris Butsch

“They say that money can’t buy happiness. Not true. Money buys comfort, safety, better health, travel opportunities, and the freedom to explore your passions. Ergo, your happiness and personal finance skills are inextricably linked. That’s why I love helping readers maximize both.”

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