Obamacare Major Medical plans – Affordable Care Act

Next Insurance is a free website and provides a team of real insurance licensed consultants who
can help you quote, shop, learn, and enroll into a qualified major medical plan.

Did you know there are public and private health insurance marketplaces?

That’s right, we shop both (if available based on state) private and public health insurance
marketplaces to find you the best possible solution (provider access or affordability).

Private health insurance marketplaces sometimes provide plans not available on the government
run exchanges. More options might mean better plans or more affordability for you.

Public Health insurance exchanges are run by the federal government or your local state. The
only way to get government subsidies is through a public exchange.

Always best to do your homework; or better yet let Next Insurance do the work for you. Our
team of experts can shop the marketplace and help you enroll into these qualified plans.

Helpful tip: Looking to save money? Consider a plan outside of Obamacare (ACA) like Short Term Medical Insurance. These plans are typically 50% lower in rates compared to Obamacare. It only takes a couple of minutes to compare; go for it…